Through the tunnel 

I was awake early today in preparation for my knee surgery, or to be more specific, in preparation for the extended period of time I was going to have to go without a drink beforehand.

I am not talking about alcohol here – not even in my wildest dreams would I expect a nurse to arrive with a tray bearing my pre meds and a G&T although a pre-surgery stiffener sounds like just the sort of thing they may have enjoyed in the 70s. No, I am talking about any and all fluids prior to my anaesthetic.

There is nothing like a having a  system to beat the system, and that is exactly what I had – nothing, just a vague idea that I could pump a load of water into my body before the 7 am cut off.

So I got up at 5.45 am and made a cup of tea to take in a flask while walking the dogs, during which I also took advantage of a small bottle of water I had brought along with me. This certainly quenched my thirst and had the added effect of giving me the superpower of being able to pee like a cart horse when I got home.

All too soon the clock ticked over to the 7 am deadline, and I was only a little late finishing my breakfast (more tea, water and a piece of toast).

I am currently lying here, back home,  surrounded by post-operative dogs, trying to stay awake. It is not the anaesthetic, it is the very strong pain killers I just took, so I am going to give myself a break today and not go for a full post, just a little one to check in, before sleep kicks in and I can fall asleep before the pain killers wear off and my knee wakes me up.

A demain


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