What a Super Day

Today was Super Tuesday in Amercia although, as if often the case with these things, we had already enjoyed our Tuesday yesterday and in Australia it was just plain old Super Wednesday.

I have to admit, that after the excitement of the Oscars Monday and the live web updates (note to TV network executives puzzled over low ratings – WE WERE ALL ONLINE – DUH!)  I was hoping for a similar experience with Super Tuesday/Wednesday, but it didn’t work out quite that way. One member of my team is off for a few days from Thursday – or Wednesday as they will call it in the US – so we had a bit of work to do in making sure that everyone knew as much as possible about what we were all doing so we could cover the gap. I am very lucky and have a small team, which means that we just get on with the work. When the team becomes bigger, the team becomes the work and I spend most of my day putting out fires between team members and organizing processes and busying myself with all the mechanics of workflow that ensure I don’t actually get to do any work. But with a small team, we all know what we are doing and we all back eachother up, so what we actually do is, er work. This meant we were able to have our handover meeting in the coffee shop and discuss American politics as well, which none of us knows much about.

One thing that was apparent, though, was that some sub-editors were really happy with the result. They must have been hanging, fingers poised over the button, just waiting to hear how Trump did so they cold hit publish with headlines which ranged from Trumpageddon to Trumpocalyse. They were loving it.

All I know is the last time Sarah Palin was a joke and didn’t get in and this time, Trump seemed to start as a joke but now no one is laughing because it is looking like he may just win the nomination and then the Republican Party have a PR runaway truck wearing a fright wig on their hands. I would be interested though, to see what happens if he does get into the White House. Given the amount of insider trading that goes on there and the weight of the machinery that it takes to run the office and the government, I wonder how much he would be slowed down. I can feel the difference between a team of three and a team of six – imagine a whole big White House full of teams.

Maybe, they would just continue to wheel him out and let him say whatever the damn well he likes while others get on with developing and rolling out policy. When he wants to know how things are going, they will give him pictures of the wall they have under construction to keep him happy. I remember my father being very worried when Reagan was elected and declaring, ‘We are all dead, now,’ so strong was his rhetoric, but all he did was flirt with Thatcher a bit and deliver his scripts like the good actor he was.

Whatever happens it will be a while before we all know, but take note, when Back to The Future Day happened we had it here in Australia, then the UK woke up and it was Back to the Future there and ‘Whatever happened to hoverboards?’ By the time the US – ironically, the place where the future in Back to The Future was created – woke up and started talking about Marty and the Professor, we were so over it in Australia because the future was like, ages ago.  So come Election Day, if you want to know if Trump will move his tiny hands and massive comb-over into Washington, just drop by, Amercia and I will let you know how it went.


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