Four Days is Longer than Five 

Time has struck me sideways once again this week, like a runaway truck. A colleague greeted me on Tuesday morning after the Monday holiday with the remark that at least we had a short week, but somehow a four-day week always seems to last longer than a normal one.

For a start I overcompensate, like when I get within the orbit of a birthday and start rounding up my age in preparation. One year I was actually convinced that I was a year older than I actually was, until someone who could do subtraction reminded me. Almost before I got to lunch on Tuesday, I had somehow transitioned into a Wednesday kind of mood and so it came as a rude shock when I could not find the one TV show I actually sit down to watch that evening and I realised I still had more than two days’ slog ahead of me and as we had a Friday deadline, had to squeeze four days’ work into three.

The good thing about being busy, is that the time flies, the bad thing is that I feel as if I have run a marathon when I get home every evening, which is annoying because I am hardly managing to walk properly. This afternoon I had to go up and down a flight of steps and it was hard work. It was like my knee had forgotten what to do on steps, because I have not used them for a month. Decades of muscle memory apparently wiped out by five weeks of rest.

I was going to try and get to a pool last weekend but the steps today have made me determined to make it this weekend. I have to take my husband to work at 4.45 am tomorrow, that is so damn early, it will guarantee that I get straight back home and sleep late, and then dogs will be upset because they will be walked later then usual. Lucy makes a weird noise when she is unhappy. She did it tonight to indicate she was still a bit hungry. She sat where her food bowl normally goes and made this noise like an old man farting into a comfortable chair. Not a growl, not a groan, but something in between, a groawn maybe.

I will ignore the groawns tomorrow, get some sleep and then as my husband comes back in between shifts to get some sleep himself, I will get in my car and get my fat, swollen knee to a pool for some exercise. Then I will come home and start to try and catch up on the movies I have queued. I added another 99 cent one tonight: Love and Mercy.

This working week has only been four days, has felt like six and the weekend will fly. It is time to hit the sack so I can get the most out of the short time I have off before it all starts again next week. At least it will be five days, not four this time, so will hopefully not feel like six.

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