Day of the Dead

Today is not of course the Day of the Dead. Actually, it is the day in Christian mythology when Christ got all alive again and inadvertently created for us the legacy of calories wrapped in foil. My husband, seeking to get me to rise from my bed and walk (the dogs) this morning, brought me breakfast in bed: tea and a hot cross bun.

‘Don’t forget this!’ He said.

‘I won’t,’ I replied, ‘because you forgot my Easter egg.’

I had downloaded a podcast by an Australian writer and broadcaster Andrew Denton called Better Off Dead. It examines the argument for the right to die – a tough and controversial subject. Also a very moving one, especially as it contained interviews with people who have been unlucky enough to find themselves in the position where they have faced what is likely to be a difficult and painful death.

I walked the dogs while listening to a couple of episodes. They both made me cry. Saying goodbye to my other dog a few years ago was hard enough, I can not begin to imagine how that would all work with a member of my family.

I decided to cheer myself up by watching a movie – and what better movie for the Easter break than a Bond movie? I had recently got the BluRay of Spectre – a very Bondy Bond film if ever there was one, so slipped that on and settled down to watch it. I had seen it already at the movies so I knew what was coming: more death. The opening of the film takes place in Mexico on the Day of the Dead and it is such an amazing opening, you almost want to watch it again as soon as it has finished because there is so much theatre jammed into the scene.

After the movie finished, I checked the DVD extras and there was a specific look at the making of the opening scene. The mind boggles at the sheer logistical effort that went in to creating it. It never fails to make my jaw drop, that when you have a huge scene with hundreds and hundreds of extras, you would think for maybe a third of them they could get away with just wearing a black T Shirt and some basic make-up, but it seemed to be that everyone involved in the scene was in full costume and make-up, an unbelievable feat – but that is what Bond delivers, the real deal. Having spent half a hour this morning placing tiny furry cake decoration chickens on some fake grass, scattering some small Easter eggs around and then trying to get my dogs to sit still while I took a photo to tweet, I have a little appreciation of what Sam Mendes had to go through to get film’s opening scene done – and these guys did not even need hair and make-up, although Archie could have done with a trim.


Happy Easter

I had intended, as I do every day when I have a full day off, to get some creating writing done, but the time got away from me again. Bond took some of that, but I also did the shopping and the housework. One more day of the holiday left and who knows? Maybe I will get some done tomorrow.

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