Blog Victim

Well the first proper victim of my blog has emerged.It is not a member of my family, or even a friend or work colleague who thinks they have recognized themselves in one of the fiction pieces I have posted. Nor, I hope, is it among the handful of followers who are currently being bombarded daily by a variety of quality and content type – hey thanks guys, by the way I did not start this blog to get followers but it is lovely that you have taken an interest.  No, my first blogging victim has been my keyboard.

I have to admit, I use my iPad a lot, to the extent that my PC, which was so super fast when I got it and having been throttled by too much software, now churns away until I feel I need to insert a starting handle to run it. It is still running Windows XP and will soon be totally redundant.

I use a PC at work everyday so for browsing and email, the iPad is fine. But what makes it very easy to use is the brilliant Logitech keyboard cover I have. A magnetic spine sticks to the back of the iPad and provides the hinge that makes the keyboard the second hard casing side for the screen. When opened, the iPad sits snugly in a groove and I can bash out my evening blogs.

Except the magnetic spine has become detached from overuse and now a rubber band is what secures my iPad to its protective case. There was one store where it was easy to pick up one of these keyboards, but it has just gone bankrupt and so now I am on the hunt to replace my defunct one, with the iPad Air 2 since replacing the model I am using and possibly the model of keyboard that I am using. Not even the Logitech site is very helpful.

I frequently seem to complain about how fast time is moving, but my poor keyboard has only lasted being bashed daily for four months, there are another eight to go if I am to get to my goal of a post a day for one year.

I went out this evening – Thursday being late night shopping in Perth, but as it is my father’s birthday tomorrow, my focus was on getting him a present. When I was younger, it was always easy to buy for my mother and impossible to buy for my father. Then things sort of swung around and my father became easy to buy for. Now it has come full circle again, to the extent that I bought my mother her birthday present three weeks ago, even though her birthday is in May. My dad, now in his eighties, is probably just pleased to have made it this far – he had a nasty run in with aggressive bladder cancer four years ago – but it is nice to be able to get him a present to celebrate.

So I have bought some glacéd fruit – normally I buy him some at Xmas, but now some weird decision from Chinese suppliers, which removed the plates of pre wrapped fruit for Xmas, means that health stores now have buckets of fruit which they will sell by weight and so I can get him a bucket load for a fraction of the price for his birthday four months later.

I have begun to see a shape emerging for the blog, fiction I would never have written if I had not committed to the non fiction – over 7500 words of fiction across eight short stories – so will aim to keep going. I just hope my keyboard is able to keep going with me.


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