Act of Kindness – Part two

Continued from Act of Kindness –  Part One

Location shoot – four days until broadcast 

‘So if like me, you know someone whose heart is bigger than their pockets, let Tommy know. We are searching the nation for an Act of Kindness. This is BJ, from Instapocket, reminding you to be nice to one another!’ 

BJ’s face beamed out from the screen and the music faded out.

Julie mimed sticking her fingers down her throat, ‘Thanks for the brilliant, idea champ,’ she scowled at Pete.

‘Hey leave Pete alone,’ said Angela, ‘his idea was pure gold. As golden as BJ’s golden teeth.’

‘Yeah,’ said Julie, ‘not to mention his golden fake tan,’

‘To be fair, I think that tan is more orange than gold,’ said Pete.

‘That tan is more orange than Trump,’ said Angela. 

‘Anyway why is the trail still airing?’ asked Pete. ‘We already know who is going to win.’

‘Oh we had a load of entries, and they are still coming’ said Angela. ‘The network is loving this crap. There are good Samaritans being nominated all over the place. It is the biggest response they have had to a campaign in years.’

‘But we are filming the winner today, as soon as we do that it is gonna be all over social media,’ said Angela

‘Wrong again, Sherlock,’ said Julie. ‘We have told them we are going a background interview for another story, but we will frame the questions so we can drop in Tommy on the reverse shot in post. The only one who knows they have made the finals is the Principal.’

Plus if they so much as squeak a hint on social media, they forfeit the prize, and Instapocket have matched the cash dollar for dollar for the school. Our inner city angel gets a pot of money, and so does the school. They just think there are four others in the running that’s all.’

‘I don’t know why we didn’t do four finalists, anyway, then we could have filmed them all and announced it on air,’ said Pete.

‘We don’t have the budget,’ said Angela. ‘We just do one interview with the principal and a secret camera on our winner. The school has managed the talent releases. As far as the staff and parents know, we are filming a gritty documentary.’ 

‘Those poor buggers,’ said Pete, ‘they think they are in a gritty documentary and next thing they find themselves on Waking Up With Tommy. In the middle of a tan-fest

The principal  of St Xavier’s was clearly excited that her nominee had possibly made the finals.

‘It is OK,’ said Angela. ‘Try to ignore the camera and just talk to me like we are having a cup of coffee.’

‘I sure will,’ said the Principal, looking directly down the barrel of the camera. ‘So when is Tommy coming?’ She smiled.

It was going to be a long day.

Two hours later, they had most of what they wanted, The principal had talked about the school and the town. How the factory had closed down, which meant a lot of the parents were struggling to make ends meet, and how Mary had just appeared someday, ‘like an angel’ to volunteer and help with the kids.

‘So the kids get on with Mary?’ Angela asked.

‘Oh they just love her!’

‘Can I just stop you again?’  said Angela, ‘and ask you to look at me?’

‘Oh!’ I am so sorry, said the Principal, ‘I did it again, didn’t I?’ She beamed straight into the camera lens.

‘Er… To me, please,’ repeated Angela.

They grabbed some candid footage of St Xavier’s ‘angel’, Mary interacting with the kids. They did seem to love her and she clearly loved them. None of them left without getting a big hug.

‘I almost feel human again,’ said Angela when they were back in the office next day. 

‘Well I can help you with that,’ said Julie, ‘here comes Tommy.’

‘Hey, hey, hey’ said Tommy, coming through the door, ‘how did it go? Next week’s show’s gonna be a killer!’

‘Yeah it went well, Tommy, ‘ said Julie,’ Pete is just looking at the footage now and putting it together.’

‘This is good stuff,’ said Tommy, ‘the sponsors are loving this! BJ from Instapockets says his product has never done so well. Looks like we may be able to lock them in for another season and that means the network will be happy. I am so glad I had this idea.’ He grinned like a monkey.

‘Yeah, great idea, Tommy,’ said Julie.

The door opened and Pete came in. HIs face was ashen.

‘Guys,’ he said, ‘we got a problem.’



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