Dogs Swim Hair Dogs Blog Deadpool

I decided that the only way I was going to make it through my list of things to do yesterday was to make a list.

Despite the fact that I really wanted to have a long lie-in (and could easily have done that, given that I had two new books to read), the dogs were determined to get me up one way or the other.

Sometimes, Lucy will use her snout to try and lever my head off the pillow, sometimes Archie will sit on me and bark, or sometimes, like today, they will both travel up the bed and arrive, pillow end, to combine their specific talents with one objective: to get to the park. As my husband had to work late tonight, I felt it was only fair that he got the lie-in today and so I gave up and got up.

Dogs walked, I decided to leave the house relatively peaceful, packed my gym back and headed off for a swim. I have not been for a few weeks because I have been engaged in some pretty deep level sulking about my knee, but gave myself thirty minutes, got some good pain free movement going and was glad I went.

Next: hair; man I hate getting my hair done. Maybe I should just stick with cutting it because that is bad enough, but if the world is to be prepared for me going blonde, then I need to start with foils. I last got my hair done a good three inches ago if the roots are anything to go by. The colour alone took ages to take, so I had 55 mins of reading that was also on my list that I could tick once I was through with that.

The hairdresser I had was really nice, actually and has husky dogs, so we had a good chat, but I was not sorry just over two hours later to get out of there. I am not someone who enjoys having their hair done, I am very much in the camp of seeing it as bits of my free time being robbed.

The dogs were well on board with my next last item when I got home, which was their evening walk and so hurtled through the next tick on my list.

The evening was well and truly in swing by the time I sat down to write Sunday’s blog, because I had forgotten about preparing and cooking dinner. To save a bit of time I rented the movie and pressed play, so it would be all buffered and ready when I had posted my 700 word whine about Saturday night, which left me settling down in good time to watch Deadpool, the last item on my list.

I enjoyed Deadpool, but am not going to post about it here, especially as I am rewatching it as I type. I got my Sunday list done – Yay me! – but can’t stop now, because of course, Monday night has its own list.

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