End of the line

This weekend we have yet another long weekend in Perth, and the last of the insane series that runs from the beginning to the middle of the year.

The proximity of the holidays has been emphasised even further this year  because Easter was so early. As usual, we were barely over Xmas and new year (following which I always take an extra week anyway) when Australia Day kicked in at the end of January, then the short month of February took us to March 7th for Labour Day and there was barely time to get back into things before the early Easter was upon us at the end of March.

Barely four weeks later was ANZAC Day at the end of April and now we find ourselves at Western Australia Day this coming Monday. I think WA is the only state to have a public holiday day to celebrate itself. The ACT has Canberra Day, but that is technically a territory and Victoria has Melbourne Cup day because nobody works on that day anyway, except anyone involved in the racing industry where, ‘The race that stops a nation’  stops everyone and everything in Australia for the three odd minutes that it lasts.

So with June comes the end of a rush of extra days off – our seventh this year. June also marks the official begining of winter, which means on Tuesday next week we have to buckle up and brace ourselves for a seemingly impossible slog through to the end of September, when we hit the next public holiday, three months later and then another three long months until Xmas. How will we cope?

Because my husband works shifts, on a rotating roster, we hardly ever plan ahead for a long weekend, and this one has been no different. Still, he had a few days off during the week and has at least two of the three this weekend off, so it is just possible in these days of sublime cooler but still dry weather, than we might venture out for a cheeky pub lunch.

I woke this morning at six and decided to not get up until the alarm went off at 6.15 am. I fell back asleep and fell into a series of complex dream sequences that seemed to take hours to get through. When I opened my eyes, though, it was only six minutes later. Rather than risk falling asleep again and being woken up by the alarm feeling terrible, I decided to quit while I was ahead and get up to make a cup of tea. Those six minutes had been amazing, with so much crammed in, I felt I had definitely got my money’s worth, just like the first six months of the year in WA, chock full of excitements and holidays before the long dark days of winter settle in.

I have plenty of stuff to keep me entertained in the weeks ahead: The Wolfpack was the 99 cent movie the other week and that is queued and ready to go. Following that is another one I will rent tonight called 5 to 7. There are also some new releases to watch: Carol, The Big Short and Room. I am confident of making it through.


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