It’s All Marc Maron’s fault

As weekends go, I have had more productive ones but this was always going to happen sooner or later.

I have heard about Marc Maron’s podcasts a number of times. I think actually the first time was from my younger brother years ago who mentioned he listened to a podcast called WTF. I had never heard of it or the host and because my brother likes to watch wrestling, kind of conflated it with WWF and did not give it a go. More and more people, however, that I heard being interviewed on podcasts mentioned either it or him, and the now legendary running time of each episode, so having trawled through most of the back catalogues of podcasts I currently listen to, and being left to my own devices last Monday I found myself flicking through iTunes you know, just casually and before I knew it I had downloaded three or four episodes.

This guy has done a ton of podcasts. A ton. Most of them sit behind a paywall but that still leaves me over 60 – at over an hour each that I can listen to for free. I am not sure bow the paywall works. It looks like the 60 most recent are free, so logically I should have started at the oldest and moved up, but I did not do that, I chose three people who I though would be interesting to listen to and dived straight in.

So I now have a new podcast to listen to as the episodes I listened to were very good. One thing that makes them very engaging – at least the ones I heard – was that Maron has a genuine interest in all the guests he speaks to. Actually that is probably the thing that makes podcasts such a joy: the interviewer has invited the guest, based on a genuine interest and the long form means they can have a proper conversation, rather than the type you hear when they are on a movie or book junket.

He mentioned during one of the shows that he had a TV show on Netflix. I thought I would see if by any chance it was available in Australia, like nothing is. It was! So I started watching it.

Each episode is only just over 20 minutes, so you can get through three in an hour and then before I knew it Netflix was popping up and asking me if I wanted to continue watching. Did I want to? Of course I did, Netflix, you big momma bear you.

The second time it asked me, I felt less amused. ‘Look, Netflix, just leave me alone, OK I can handle this.’

I have barely got anything done this weekend, because I have been watching Marc Maron’s show. It did start to rain very hard this afternoon, so much so that despite the fact I wrapped both the dogs in raincoats, Archie did not want to get out of the car to go for a walk.

I got them around and back into the house, and I have made dinner and fed them too. I have an hour or two before bed. Time to hit Netflix again.


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