Going Orange 

This is not a post about Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. I think there is more than enough about that floating about.

Anyone who has been following the regular posts will know that I had knee surgery at the beginning of February to fix a meniscal tear. While the tear was simple enough to fix, what I did not bank on was my body reacting furiously to the intrusion. I don’t know why I was surprised, I react to all sorts of intrusion furiously: people who play ‘quiet’ amplified music in an open plan office area, or have loud discussions about stuff that gets a bit personal, or who tramp up and down behind your desk using that path as a short cut and stopping as they do to have a chat, so doubling the interruption. I have a very low tolerance level. I don’t know why my knee would be any different.

I came across the term Misphonia last Xmas. I definitely have that: noisy eaters. There is one person where I work, who I swear, could make ice cream crunch when they eat it, and who compounds this sin, by talking frequently during lunch – while still eating. EUGH. My desk is right next to the lunch table. It is not their fault, but talking and eating at the same time is a lifestyle choice and that drives me crazy.

I like science. I like the idea that science can be so wrong so many times but there are people prepared to problem solve the hell out of stuff until they get things right. I do not believe in homeopathy. The body is a very complex and mysterious thing and if there is one thing that I know about bodies, it is that the body loves to try and keep things on an even keel. Homeostasis; that is the goal. If you want to lose weight, you can rigidly limit your intake to a number of calories per day, and do exactly the same amount of exercise, but your weight loss will fluctuate. Some weeks it will pour off, other times your metabolism will slow down to compensate.

Anyway, a number of people for quite a while have been telling me about tumeric. Now as a spice, I like tumeric and I add it to stuff I cook all the time, but the other day I met a lady in the park. She has the out beautiful mastiff dog, A huge galunff of a dog, the size of a donkey, who just wants a belly rub. Even Archie does not worry about her – and he reacts to anything bigger than himself. She took on the dog, Bella after she got a call from a mate who had heard about her. She had been found, tied to a rope in a back yard, locked in a shed. Someone had wired her jaw shut. She spent thousands getting her fixed up at the vet and has the most loving dog, who seems blessed with the inability to hate anyone as her reward, but I digress.

This lady said to me, ‘Tumeric, that is what you need. I have advanced arthritis in my hands and hips and ever since I have been taking the tumeric, it has changed my life. Get yourself to a chemist, get the tumeric (which is packaged with curcumin) and you won’t look back.’

‘Snake oil,’ I thought, but then, I have been trying medical science for a while without success and I was also interested that at our last meeting my specialist said of something,’ yes well some people do find it works, although it is technically snake oil,’ when I asked him.

So I thought, ‘What the heck?’ and I bought a tub of tumeric tablets. Now I do not know if they will be any good and I do not know if there are any long term studies that make it a risk, but you know what? I felt less pain.

It may well be a placebo effect, but given that this meant I did not swallow over-the-counter pain medications for the first time in months, my body could probably do with the relief. I have probably built up a tolerance anyway.

So for now, just for a while, I am going orange.


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