Who dropped the Jingle?

Yeah OK, I admit it, I grew up in the seventies and for some it must seem like an odd time.

Recently we have seen a number of celebrities who took took way too much advantage of the cultural attitudes of the time towards women being called to account for their actions, but here was a lot more going on than that. Denim was everywhere. It seemed to be the fabric of choice for half the planet. I watched an early episode of The Two Ronnies recently and there was a singer wearing a denim suit. I kid you not: denim shirt, denim tie, denim jeans and denim jacket. I could pretty much imagine him going home to his house of denim carpets and getting into his bed of denim sheets after the show.

The seventies were hideous in a number of ways – but they were the landscape against which I grew up. TV was still relatively new. It certainly did not go for twenty-four hours a day and there was no internet. Phones were plugged into the wall. I was always amazed and enthralled while watching American TV shows because the phone handsets had such extravagantly long cords, enabling the person on the phone to walk around the room freely while chatting. I guess in retrospect the writing was on the wall for mobile tech even back then.

More than anything though, I remember the advert jingles. You know why a million housewives pick up a can of beans each day? So they can say Beans Means Heinz, and I know that because I remember the jingle. Still. Fancy a chocolate snack? The why not try a delicious Penguin biscuit – or p-pick up a penguin as the ad urged you to do. Perhaps a different chocolate for a younger kid? A finger of fudge not only has a catchy tune but features two other British staples: the duffle coat and conkers. Prefer white chocolate – we have you covered with the Milky Bar Kid.

For those that are more thirsty than hungry, there was the man who could not go a night without a drink of his favourite lemonade  – Pepsi anyone? This was an ad and a jingle rolled into one and for the more sophisticated, a martini was a drink you could enjoy, anytime, anyplace, anywhere – along, so the James Bond lifestyle suggested, with the lovely lady you were drinking it with.

I was thinking about them today because I listen to a podcast put out by Adam Buxton and he likes to break up the content with fun little jingles, which he puts together himself.  They are sort of a homage to and a parody of the sort of jingle we would listen to in the 70s. A week ago one of his guests Iain lee said he should put out a collection of his jingles and I agree, so much so that I got over excited and tweeted him a humble suggestion which I immediately regretted because it was stupid. He had uploaded his latest interview and then realised there was a glitch and posted a recommendation to delete and redownload, so I dashed out the following lyrics for a jingle in honour of this as follows:

There’s a jongle in the podcast
Which is something of a hitch
It’s supposed to be a jingle
But there’s been something of a hitch

Please delete the podcast ep
That’s been playing in your ear
If you re-download it now
The glitches will have disappeared

There’ll be ramble chats of stuff
With people working in the Arts
And double download data
To put me top of podcast charts!

I am sorry, I couldn’t help myself, I just miss the humble jingle – its catchy tune, its internal rhyme scheme, its ability to stay with you. Clearly mine won’t, but a girl’s gotta try, huh?


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