Aspirational times 

‘The World,’ said someone, (not me), ‘is in a state of chassis.’ And I guess it sort of is. Chaos seems to be ruling left, right and centre at the moment. The Lord of Misrule (whoever that is) seems to be working overtime.

Apart from the shock Brexit result, and the virtual collapse of both the UK government and the opposition party, misrule is still going strong. Now a second leader of the leave campaign, a man who looks like the Spitting Image puppet that would have parodied him in the eighties when the show was on, has left. It feels a bit like the UK is someone’s parents’place and the referendum posted that there was a party there on Facebook. Loads more people than expected turned up, wrecked the place and now they have all buggered off leaving someone else to clean up the mess: Cameron, who called the damn thing, Boris, who led the opposition campaign and Farage, the man who is paid to represent the UK at the very Parlaiment whose authority he sought to destroy. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

As I type this, the Tory Party prepare for the first round in the leadership contest which ultimately may result in the undoing of The Third Man in the ‘Leave’ camp, Gove. However, he is not likely to be the first head that rolls. Don’t ask me though, I thought that Remain would win the vote and I also thought that the Liberal party would be returned with a smaller but still clear majority in Australia. On the underside of the world, we are waiting on the results of the last few seats and facing yet another hung Parlaiment. It is a good thing I don’t bet.

One thing I do know, though, is that my knee is getting steadily worse again. Having almost felt like it was completely recovered around six weeks ago, I am back to hobbling like a crone in a pantomime. Except this is no laughing matter. Since the operation, of course, I have met loads of people who have told me tales of their awful knee surgery experiences. One woman (a slim woman so not putting huge amounts of weight on the joint) told me her knee was bad for three years after the operation. She had a knee replacement, which is a major operation, but three years?

I have now decided to go back and get more cortisone in the knee joint. I am wondering if slamming it with more anti inflamatories might help in the long run. More importantly, though I want the fluid that has once again built up and that I can feel pinching in the joint, out of my knee. Since it clearly has no intention of going by itself, I am hoping that the doctor will be able to aspirate it out of there. The last time he did it, I got instant relief – and this time, provided it goes the same way, I am going to keep a pain diary, (though not on here) and hope I won’t have to write anything in it.

It seems odd to be looking forward to an experience which will involve sticking a long thin needle into my knee joint, but hopefully (if it goes the same as last time) the local pain I feel as the local anaesthetic goes in, will more than make up for the pain I won’t feel every day in my knee. If you can imagine having a stone in your shoe and how that impairs your ability to walk properly and painlessly, then that is my knee: with a stone in it. But this stone is fluid and if I am lucky enough then tomorrow at 9am my aspirations will be met as the fluid is aspirated out of my knee and out of my life once more.


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