Like Thor, he arrived

It may be winter, but that has given me little cause to complain, especially as I complain all day, every day during the hot summer. This weekend, though, after a winter of clear cold skies and light wind, winter stepped it up a notch.

‘What are you doing this weekend?’ A colleague asked me.

‘No plans, but my brother is coming over from Sydney,’ I said. ‘He is landing Friday night.’

‘Friday night?’ Came the reply, ‘Have you seen the forecast?’

‘Yup,’I said. ‘Rain, wind, hail and thunder. Like Thor, my brother will arrive.’

I am not suggesting that my brother is anything like a Norse god, or even Chris Hemsworth for that matter, but he is 12 years younger than me and so my cells are considerably older. Couple this with my defective knee and it is not hard to feel like a lesser physical mortal.

True to the forecast, his plane’s arrival was heralded  with lightening and rain. It landed, apparently with a good deal of bouncing through the atmosphere but without any skidding on the Tarmac.

I found this out the following day. As he was coming in for work and had cab vouchers, he had assured me he did not need a lift from the airport, which meant I was in bed at my normal Friday night time of half past ten. Don’t tell me I don’t know how to live.

I caught up with him today and we were discussing the presentation that he is going to give next week. Now I may not have the physical edge over my brother, but when it comes to giving a killer presentation… Well, let me just say, move aside, David Brent, because when it comes to capturing and holding an audience, no one beats me.

Of course what I mean is capturing and holding an audience’s attention. It’s not like I have to lock the doors of the seminar room. Often.

And don’t get me wrong, I am not one to let a little thing like subject matter get in the way of a fabulous seminar. The one my brother has to give sounds like a killer – something along the lines of managing fiscal risk in a volatile lending market.

‘This should be a breeze,’ I assured him, despite the fact that he had asked for no reassurance, ‘Hey, I’ve got it. You walk in the room and say, “Yes it’s a presentation and it’s full of information that I am going to hand over. That is why they call it a PowerPoint, because I have the power and I am going to hand it to you!”‘ (At this juncture I helpfully pointed at my mother, who I was using as an example audience member).

My mother was playing Solitaire on her iPad and did not look up. Fortunately, she is not in charge of large lending markets.

Still, I thought I would quit while I was ahead and leave the complexities of market analysis to those who know what they are talking about.

I may have quit, but the weather certainly did not. The rain came down in buckets for the rest of the afternoon. I managed to get the dogs into macs and around the park in a small break, just not all around the park before a ton of water was dumped on us. This is why my dogs wear jackets in the rain, not so they look cute, but to limit the damage they do on arriving back at the house while they use any and every available surface to dry off.

The rain has eased but is still going. The frog is out there somewhere and my brother’s presentation will be ready and polished to go on Monday. He may not use any of my David-Brent style tips, but I am sure, come the time, like Thor, he will arrive.



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