It’s a cracking day 

Sometimes it is nice to live in a place where the most exciting thing that is happening is the weather. 

I knew it was quite cold this morning, but it was only after I scrolled down and down and down, like Alice in the rabbit hole through my Twitter timeline, which is clogged with UK political woes, that I came across a solitary tweet declaring it to be one of the coldest morings in Perth. It actually had almost got to freezing, but being Perth had clung on desperately to .4 of a degree.

It took two mugs of tea to get me out of bed and four layers of clothing to brace myself for the walk ahead. There is nothing like walking in the cold morning air while feeling toasty and warm. I remember the Ready Brek adverts, with kids who had eaten it for breakfast walking through grey wet and freezing streets on their way to school protected by a red fuzzy glow: Central heating for kids.

No such treats for my dogs, they have a fur coat each and an ability to push aside personal discomfort when there are new smells to be hunted. Pulling my gloves on as I stood but my car, I opened the door and watched them leap out onto the frosty grass.

That does not sound so amazing I know, but in Perth it is very usual. It almost felt like Xmas. As I walked around the park, my breath steaming out in front of me, the grass crackled pleasingly under my Wellington boots as I marched across the un disturbed frosted paying field. The sun was out and the dogs skipped happily across the park, unaware that I was only half a bad knee away from skipping with them.

My knee is feeling so much better that yesterday I called my colleague from across the office and then walked towards her.

‘What?’ she said.

‘The limp,’ I said, ‘notice anything?’

‘I noticed the limp,’she replied.

‘But it has gone!’ I insisted.

‘No. It is not as bad, but it is still there. Also you are dipping your right shoulder.’

Way to bring a colleague down, man. The slightly mad swaying motion may just be force of habit by now, or it may be because I still can’t quite straighten the leg fully and it is compromising my movement.

Either way it felt better today, no doubt as a result of the cortisone a week ago, and maybe also because of the cold. Even though Archie led me around trees and at one point had to be discouraged from pulling me through a rosebush – Hey I know a shortcut to those birds over there! – I enjoyed the walk in the crisp air on the equally crisp grass.

I can think of worse ways to start the day.


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