Half finished business

When you day is filled with a of lot of bits and pieces, it leaves you feeling as though it might have been a better idea to just decide on one thing and stick to it, especially if you only have one out of the two weekend days to enjoy because you are working on the second one.

Today was like that. Uncommitted to many small tasks in direct contrast to the rainfall which thundered down with impressive rigour for most of the afternoon.

My brother, who had arrived like Thor amidst inclement weather the previous Friday was due to leave this morning and I had been planning to take him to the airport, but he seemed quite happy to take a cab and his work had provided him with vouchers. The flight was not super early, but it was at a time which would have meant I had to get up at the normal time I do for work to get the dogs walked and across to him and if possible, I do try and squeeze one lie-in on the weekend. If the bad weather arrived with him, he seems to have left it behind, anyway.

My husband had worked late on Friday and was tired this morning, so unusually for him he slept late. So late in fact that I had the chance to watch half a documentary that my brother had mentioned about a motivational speaker. I got about halfway through it before I had to switch it off, around the time where he had persuaded a woman, in Socratic fashion, that the root of her problem lay with the fact that she was ‘settling’ in her relationship with her boyfriend. No doubt, hyped by her ‘Date with Destiny’ as the weekend self-improvement seminar is titled, she called her partner and broke up with him while on the microphone in front of 3 500 people. I am sure she was OK with her decision, though, there was plenty of merch for sale that she could buy to comfort herself with.

The little respite I could wring from watching this monster at work, was the repeated shots of him backstage on his mini trampoline bouncing up and down with no apparent irony. He seemed pretty keen on it as a form of exercise – he had one at home too.

I was about to go shopping when the squinting figure of my husband appeared in the doorway. I had been thirty seconds from a clean getaway. This meant that I had to wait for him to ease himself into the morning before we could go. It was like watching myself wake up again. In the meantime I got two loads of laundry done but I had to hang it up inside. Washing looks different when you hang it up inside. I think it is because it does not move, it just kind of hangs there looking melancholy.

I sit here this evening, surrounded by my depressed clothing, which is still not dry. The rain started thundering down in real earnest just after we got back home from the shops. This delayed my husband going out, which meant instead of putting Crimson Peak on to watch, I started re watching Le Weekend as I had been discussing it with a someone recently. I got annoyed with it though, so once again gave up half way though.

I hope I have time to watch Crimson Peak tomorrow after work. I feel as if I have accomplished nothing and it has left me dissatisfied. The last thing I failed to finish today was the pizza my husband brought home, and that is the one thing I am glad I abandoned halfway through. I can feel less of a glutton, but can do so safe in the knowledge that there are leftovers for tomorrow.


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