Crashing down to earth

Two flights in as many days is a lot, I have realised. In 24 hours, I have travelled over 7000 kilometres, or seven UKs from top to bottom, or nearly 1/6th around the earth.

The time difference is not so great (2 hours) but the effort required to keep the plane airborne through sheer will power alone for seven and a bit hours does tend to take it out of you. While the plane did not plummet at all, it did move about a bit through the air currents like a stone skipping over water and I may have let slip the odd expletive.

I really wish I had been able to made it a longer trip. I could have done with half a day in the office with staff sorting out stuff and as it was, I had to skip out of the main meeting two hours earlier. It will be good to catch up with the other state managers and see how they felt it went, because there was a lot of what used to be called, ‘blue sky thinking’ and, ‘helicopter views’ and while it is refreshing to have someone with the energy and ideas to bring some fresh conversation to the table, it is probably conversation that has been had before and never resulted in anything concrete for any number of reasons.

I can barely remembered what I watched on the flight back. I know I finished the Veep episodes and that annoyingly they did not have the full season available. I did start Silicon Valley but was not in the mood, and also the Minions movie, which I have seen but could not get into, given the environment. There were a number of good films which were just not ‘plane’ films for me: both Room and Brooklyn I want to see when I can give them my full attention – and I cry enough on a plane without making it worse.

I had got to the airport with one hour to spare and I was already checked in, so used the one-off, complimentary Qantas club lounge pass that my boss had kindly given me. Man there are a lot of people who use this service. The lounge was huge and full of people chuffing down free booze and cold meats. I found a spot and had a Diet Coke and some cheese and salad and a Xanax. And almost instantly, it seemed,  I was called to board the plane.

The dogs were hysterical when I got in, but then they greet me like a returned traveller even when I have just been up the driveway to check the post, so I probably should not put too much store in that. I unpacked my bags, took the dogs for a walk and decided to lie down for an hour. The drugs may have been having a cumulative effect. I slept on the plane for nearly an hour – with my mouth open, so probably snoring – and I still felt crushed. It is currently 10 pm and I woke up half an hour ago. My husband will soon message me to see if I want to join him for a late night drink after he finishes work, but I can not even think about getting out of my pyjamas right now. I just want to go back to bed and sleep. I have been up since 6am Melbourne time – 4am Perth time – and have been on a diet of total carbs since leaving Perth. Although I did get in a walk this morning for about half an hour, that has been pretty much it.

Sunday, we are driving two hours to visit a workshop in progress for a couple of hours, then coming back. If I don’t get some more sleep soon, Monday is going to be a total write off and we are two weeks out of a major event. So if you will excuse me, I will bid you goodnight and take once again to my bed, safely back at home and on the ground once more.


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