A week ago I decided to try a theory that my doctor had put to me that a diet much lower in carbohydrates and higher in fat would not only result in weight loss, but leave me feeling satisfied so that I would not crave the sugar, bread, rice and pasta that makes up a significant proportion of my diet.

Today was the seventh day of really trying to do this properly, as opposed to doing it and then rewarding myself with a chocolate for having been a brave little soldier. So far, I have been starving, sick to the back teeth of the sight of cheese and eggs, but crucially have not felt lacking in energy or had any cravings for sugar. Given that I have a pretty sweet tooth, that seems quite amazing on its own.

After struggling through a week without having prepared properly, I decided to spend some time this weekend researching things I could eat to broaden and vary my diet, and getting some stuff bought so I could do that. My first visit this weekend was to a massive Asian supermarket and greengrocer, which is about the size of an aircraft hanger. I spent around $60.00 on vegetables and some other bits and pieces, like tofu. One of the things I had wanted to buy was cream cheese, but despite having every other type of cheese known to mankind, there was only one packet of cream cheese and it was in six tiny portions. I bought it anyway.

The reason for the cream cheese was because I was going to make ‘oospie bread’ a fantastic substitute, according to the website, to real bread and carb free!

I got home and studied the recipe further. Oospie bread is in fact baked eggs and cream cheese, except that the egg whites are beaten and then folded in, so it becomes a sort of savoury meringue.

‘What are these?’ Asked my husband when he came in, having spotted the six yellow pillows cooling on the counter.

‘Oospie bread,’ I said, turning as I did so to see an entire one disappearing into his mouth, because why would he want to eat normal bread when he can eat a yellow air pillow?

At least my shopping had brought in a bit of variety. I had some courgettes (zucchini) and so was able to make ‘spaghetti’ out of this by slicing thin ribbons with a vegetable peeler. I ended up adding them to tomatoes, mushrooms (including some weird ones I found – thanks again, crazy Asian supermarket) and tiny thin strips of carrot (technically carby but better than a potato) and enjoying my first non cheese or egg-based meal for a week.

This morning was my first Sunday without tea and toast in bed. I just had tea, then walked the dogs and made a proper breakfast of oospie bread, avocado, and egg and some tomato and bell pepper sauce with pimento. It has been a long, long time since I have had a MacDonalds, but the oopsie bread very much reminded me of the sensation that I recalled biting down on a MacDonald burger bun: just textured air, really.

As I had eaten a late breakfast, I ended up just having an apple for lunch. How can you tell when someone is on a low carb diet? They eat an apple by cutting it into segments and serving it on a plate.

What have I become?

I did have one small cheaty win, though. I had a large pot of Greek yoghurt on my fridge and using a tip I had read about in Portia De Rossi’s book when she was describing her eating disorder that nearly did her in, I mixed it with some artificial sweetener and raspberries. I do not like artificial sweetener very much, although I do drink Diet Coke, and frankly this is a short-term solution. It worked beautifully – possibly because I have not tasted real sugar in a week and have forgotten what it should taste like.

I have not done as much cooking for next week as I had planned to do today, which is bad. I was reading a book and enjoying it, so slothed out but the weather is cool so I figure the huge box of vegetables sitting on my dining table will be OK for a couple of days while I make some room in my fridge. Why are some vegetables so BIG?

I have to admit, though, that I do feel better. Much less sluggish, and when I took my blood pressure today it had gone down – coincidence? Maybe, but it is enough to convince me to maybe stick with the plan for another week before I throw it all in for a bread and pastafest.


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