First Bump

‘For those that don’t know, perhaps you wouldn’t mind explaining what bump-in is?’ said my manager the other day as we sat in a team meeting.

‘Certainly,’ I replied, ‘Bump-in is a term used to describe the process by which you deliver and set up all the equipment and infrastructure you need for an event.’ I replied. ‘Interesting fact: the term ‘Bump-in’ makes the process sound like it could actually be a whole lot of fun. This is not the case. Bump-in is long, tiring and stressful and the weird thing is, even if it takes you three days to bump in an event, it will still only take a matter of hours to strip it down and remove it.’

‘If any of you have ever considered running away and joining the circus,’ I continued, ‘my advice would be to stay put. The circus has to bump-in everytime it comes to town and it is long, tiring work.’

For the next two days I will be bumping in and therefore will be a person to be avoided at all costs. We actually managed to sneak into the venue a day early so we could get the bigger ticket items in before the others arrived. Unfortunately for us, the company building the infrastructure – like the temporary walling – had got in even earlier. Despite our repeated requests to leave our space (nearly 3000 sqm) alone, and despite the fact that they had another 5400 sqm of space to play in, they just became that cat. You know the one? The one who will cross an empty room to sit on the newspaper that you are trying to read. Their stuff was everywhere we did not want it to be and most of the morning was spent making phone calls to get people on forklifts to move it away.

I am not sure what it is about spending the whole day on hard concrete flooring trying to troubleshoot on the fly that is so tiring, but I already have ‘event legs’. Last night I went to bed early and took a prescription anti-inflammatory. I ate breakfast before I headed out and put a support bandage around my knee, but by the time I hit the shops today at 4 pm to pick up the rest of the items on the shopping list, my brain was putty and I forgot at least four things that were written on a list I was holding in my hand. I had been distracted by cake. I have not had carbohydrates in any sizeable portion for nearly two weeks now and one of the items on my list was cake. Hmmmm cake. Like Homer Simpson, I approached the cake area and it was all I could do to stop myself from buying and eating all of them. I think this is how you can tell if your blood sugar is low. The other tell tale sign is when you neighbour says, ‘Good afternoon!’ and you just want to scream at him to GIVE YOU SOME SPACE, OK? (I didn’t, he is a nice man).

This is only going to get worse this week. We have an even bigger bump-in day tomorrow with even more people who will be demanding forklifts and keys and power and furniture – all of which they will have said they did not need before the fact. We will smile and get it sorted. Then Friday the event will open and I have about half a day of VIP stuff to manage before I can relax a bit and start to really enjoy the event.

So I have decided to give myself a small break and limit my blogs over the next couple of days. Just a couple of hundred words a day to keep the blood flowing in my fingers, but not enough to be an added cause of stress.

Tomorrow the dogs get to be up early and walked in the dark – which they will find terrifically exciting. At least they will get a kick out of the day, which is probably more than I will get, because tomorrow the circus comes to town.


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