Slowing down

After a couple of days of madness, with a massive bump in and trying to keep a number of balls in the air today was going to be easier.

I had tried to stay awake a little later than I wanted to and started to watch Crimson Peak, but although it featured an exquisitely designed world, I could not settle into it. I was too tired but also it was horror, so trying to deliberately distance myself from the film so I would not get sucked in, left me disenfranchised.

I hit bed at around nine o’clock and the last thing I remember thinking was that I needed to take my glasses off, put my iPad on the bedside table and turn out the light. I awoke three hours later with a dry open mouth, my iPad on the bed covers and the bedroom light bouncing off my glasses, lying askew on my face.

I thought I had enjoyed plenty of sleep but must be too tired to judge properly. I had to visit a college in the morning before heading for the show and turned left instead of right out of our driveway. As I realised what I had done I worked out how to get back on track, recalculating like a sat nav. I would go over the highway and down to an intersection and turn left.

I turned left onto the highway.

Once again realising my mistake, I worked out a way to get around it without having to perform an illegal U turn, or, ‘chuck a U-y’ as it is known technically over here. I finally reached my first destination and then managed to get back on track and down to the event by the time the doors opened to the public.

Today is a much easier day but because of that, it is less exciting. Still it was good to catch up and chat with a number of people who I only see from time to time. I also took a load of photos, which were probably all rubbish and managed to catch a demonstration that had been my idea to set up.

Because the day was less frantic, it felt a little longer, but soon enough we were wheeling ourselves out of the doors and down to the car park. We are now over hump day and tomorrow we will be moving around the pavilion, packing up bits and pieces that we can get away with while the show is open and then performing a scramble to get the bits we are shipping out  once the doors to the public close and the huge doors to the loading dock slowly open again and we belch out another show for another year.

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