Chair Dancing 

I did push it. I thought I hadn’t but I had.

I woke up this morning after my romping 15 000 step Saturday, my head buzzing with ideas and my knee apparently none the worse for the exertions. My plan to take the dogs to the river, though was a scuppered by an overcast sky which left me scribbling ideas in a notepad rather than extending my impressive step tally.

My plans to knock out a short story were also scuppered by starting to listen to some music. I was song hopping online to some rocking tunes of the 70s and 80s and trying to write as I did, which left me two hours later with three pages of gibberish as I bopped around in my chair entertaining dogs on my lap by turns and writing in between.

I took my music to the park later with the dogs for their second walk of the day. I have decided to try and make at least one of their daily walks car-free again, but had already done that in the morning so this time I drove them down to the two football ovals and cranked up the volume. That was a mistake. As I started shimmying my way around the perimeter, any danger that I was going to make an utter fool of myself throwing shapes to music only I could hear was quickly put to rest by an intense ribbon of pain shooting out from my knee and into my leg.

My dancing days are still over, it appears. At least, unless I am dancing from the waist up only.

We completed our circuit and I got home finished the film I was rewatching – a rental from last night that I had enjoyed much more than I had expected.

I may not have written as much as I thought I was going to, but I have a good number of ideas on my scratch pad and a plan for next week to get my exercise up.

Onwards and upwards.


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