Another day of long walks. Another evening with a pair of exhausted dogs and a take-away ordered to pick up in 25 mins.

I noticed that a couple of my T-shirts have been getting a little longer, but I have a long way to go before I have reversed the effects of all those calories over all those years that snuck into my wardrobe at night and sewed my clothes until they were several sizes too small. I currently have two pairs of jeans and both are much looser now so I went through my old clothes this morning to see if I have anything that I may be able to get into that is less baggy.

The clothes I was wearing before I stacked on the weight have been tucked away right at the end in the corner of the wardrobe and there are a lot of them. Around one fifth of the clothes I currently have hanging up is what I use, the rest is too small, or fits but looks awful. I found a couple of pairs of favourite trousers right at the back and covered in dust, but after I tried them on it became clear I still still a long way from washing them to get them ready for a second service.

I dropped into a clothes shop this morning to see if maybe some interim clothes might be the go, but was over ambitious in selecting sizes and ended up hanging them back on the shelves and slinking out of the shop with my tail between my legs. Because a lot of the clothes I wear are stretchy, it is easy to kid yourself that you have shrunk more than you actually have, rather than accept that the clothes have merely stretched with use. One advantage of having a preference for cheap stores, though, is that I can probably go in next week with less ambitious expectations and buy a couple of pairs of jeans to bridge me over what I hope will be the gap before the next bit of weight falls off.

I wish it would. I think I have probably dropped 6 kilos by now, but have not weighed myself to confirm. It is a slow process, made slower by my inability to go running and the fact that I do not own a bike. Most of the time it is boring, today  it was downright tough going. After a walk with the dogs, I had a late breakfast which bizarrely made me hungrier than when I had started and left me hungry all day.

As I wandered around the supermarket doing the weekly shop, it was difficult not to fantasise about bowls of pasta and hot toasted bread. It was frankly all I could do to stop myself filling the trolley with all the Christmas stock that is now on the shelves and so loaded with sugar I could smell it as I walked thought the aisles.

I got through without any major carb-tastrophes and took the dogs for a long afternoon walk. My knee was painful at first but the pain eased once it warmed up a little – or the painkillers kicked in. Somehow, I made it to dinner time and the Thai meal I had promised myself earlier this week: red vegetable curry and satay tofu but no rice.

Today has been the trickiest day yet and the hungriest I have felt in ages, but I got through it. Next stop, breakfast.


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