Puppy Love

We had a catch up meeting today, one we have from time to time that comes under the umbrella term of ‘reality check.’ The idea was that we would check that we had all our Ts crossed and our Is dotted in preparation for the the last couple of weeks before we ship off.

As the weather has begun to warm up, we decided to take our meeting out of the office and around the corner to a local cafe, which is used by a few office workers in the area. I suspect, though, that this cafe is about to enjoy a small spike in traffic due to its latest staff member, a Boston Terrier puppy, who we met today.

Her owner, who runs the business has, set her up in a large cage with plenty of toys, cushions and water in an area outside which had a little bit of sun and a bit of shade. From her spacious wire empire Ellie, as she is called, sits watched over by her mum while she is serving the customers, and if the half hour we were there was any indication, receives a steady stream of visitors during the day.

At just ten weeks, she is very, very cute and her wide eyes are keen to take everything in. It took less than a minute to decide not to sit inside, but to enjoy the sun outside with bonus puppy views and we lasted for about three minutes before we asked permission to liberate her from her cage and allow her to guest chair the meeting. I admired her application. She placed her two enormous paws on the table as if to make a point, then changed her mind and ate my notepad instead. My colleague then took over babysitting duties while I took over the note taking.

Every now and then we had to stop to allow yet another customer to come and coo over our newest team member and she took all the attention very much in her stride, but after around fifteen minutes we decided she had probably had enough and popped her back in her cage where she snuggled down for a mid morning nap in her cushions.

I did send my husband a couple of pics, but with a warning not to show Lucy or Archie. I would not want them to think I am seeing other dogs. In the meantime I guess I will just have to hold out for a time when we too can bring our dogs to work, and while I wait in vain for this day to come, perhaps enjoying a cup of coffee around the corner once a fortnight may help fill the void.



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