Having tried to scare away what looked like an impending cold at first with fruit and then with chilli, I thought I was more or less on top of the situation.

It has been a little more difficult to get up in the mornings this week, but I have been going to bed later and my throat was a little bit sore, but not much. The soreness could have as much been caused by snoring with my mouth open as by microbes.  In fact, apart from feeling tired, I have felt OK, despite people claiming that I am looking peeky/tired/ill etc all week.

Today, however there was no getting away from one symptom: mucus. My nose started running and has not stopped for hours. My eyes are also watering, which has made me look like I have just come out of a double bill of Beaches and Terms of Endearment.

The early morning was OK because I was at a satellite site in a warehouse where I could breath freely and do little damage, but the minute I sat back at my desk, I was marked.

And so it should be. I am always the first person to complain of people dragging themselves into work and infecting others and in the group of desks next to ours we have a lady who, as the recipient of a kidney transplant, has good reason be wary around people with snotty noses. She has already picked up one virus that she can not get rid of, ever – courtesy of an infected colleague with an inflated sense of self-importance and her own compromised immune system.

The annoying thing was I did not actually feel ill at all. No aches or pains, certainly no fever just a streaming nose and watering eyes. There was also the occasionally bout of sneezing. As I sat at my desk, the first of 80 emails arrived into my inbox which would need sorting and forwarding by tomorrow at the latest. I sat and worked through the urgent ones for an hour and then decided to take myself away and back home to work there.

It is not as easy to work at home as my PC runs like a dog and I have done nothing to fix it since my iPad became my primary device so I did what I could and flagged the rest. I feel guilty having come home because I am having another knee injection tomorrow which will mean a half Friday before a long weekend but I know I will more than make up the time in a couple of weeks and anyway I had run out of tissues.

Just on the off-chance that it is hayfever, which I don’t think it is, I have taken one of Archie’s anti-histamine tablets.  The running nose is a nuisance and has left me with a huge red area like a clown around the tip of my nose from cheap tissues. Whatever happens, I am sure that the series of needles that yet another Dr is going to jab into my knee cavity tomorrow will be enough to take my mind off it.

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