Happy Birthday, Ma’am

The good thing about the long weekend was that I was able to have my knee injection and ensure it got properly rested. The bad thing was that I was resting my knee so I had a whole three days off and did nothing much with the time.

My husband was working today and needed a lift into work, so my day off for the Queens’s Birthday (the holiday is different in WA – as are most things) started at 5:40 am when he came in to wake me up. I have been sleeping very badly lately, when I am not having nightmares about the up and coming work trip, I have been overheating under the winter covers, which I am now ready to thin out, but my husband is clinging on to. When there are no nightmares or heat, there are the dogs pinning me down or my throat drying out as the last of whatever it is that I have had over the last week dies.

The dogs were very happy to be up and out early and it really is an final prompt for me to switch back to summer walking hours. The cups of tea in bed are nice, but they do mean I waste a chunk of morning that I could be putting to better use. It was fully light by 6am when I pulled up at the park having dropped my husband at work but still cool enough that the dew was sitting soft and wet on the grass. Both dogs were soaking when I got home.

I went straight back to bed but getting back to sleep was tough. Aware that it was not a public holiday in the eastern states, I jumped every time I heard my phone vibrate but finally managed to ignore it long enough to dose off. Twenty minutes later, though Archie decided he had had quite enough of watching me sleep, walked up the length of my prone body, barked in my face and then started licking it to revive me. Thanks, dog.

I had a couple of errands to run, so after cleaning the house and pulling my vacuum cleaner apart to try and fix the lack of suction (sometimes I don’t know how I cope with the glamour) I loaded up my car boot with boxes of wine and drove to my parents’ house. As I live close to a large booze warehouse, it is easy enough for me to buy wine for them, but so that I don’t have to do it every week, I buy a few cases of wine at a time. Recently, they have discovered pink moscato, which they both like and find easy to drink. Summer is coming and so they duly put in an order. I picked them up twelve bottles of that pink plus six red and six white while I was there. That should keep them happy for a while and if they wanted to drink a toast to her majesty today, they were well set up by the time I left.

So a day of nothing much achieved, but a few things chipped away at – the sorts of things that can eat away at a weekend. If  every weekend lasted three days, I might just be able to manage.



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