Mad Mad World

Pre-flight nerves definitely kicked in today with a number of mad decisions on my part. On Saturday I had gone shopping for a case I could take on as carry-on luggage and instead of buying one that was suitable, I looked around until I found one that was slightly too small and very, very cheap and bought that instead.

Regret about my purchase woke me up at 6.30 am on the last day I had to sleep in for a while. What kept me awake was a list of other items I needed to buy before my last day at work tomorrow. Battery packs were pretty high on that list as I have one mobile charger, or ‘power pack’ as it likes to call itself, but it does not work with my tablet, just my phone. I thought a spare lightening connecter might be a good idea, too.

I headed out to the shops and ended up buying both of those items, plus a four port USB charging hub – oh and eight pens and a pad for when I am not using tech to write.. Then despite the fact I have been able to do little else than hobble since February I decided that a pair of cross trainers would be indispensable. I have no idea when I think I am going to wear these, but they were on sale so I extended my credit card once more.

Dogs: my husband has to look after the dogs, so of course despite the fact that they have perfectly good leads, I decided a spare was in order – these leads are extendable so every now and then the spring can go and render them permanently elongated. Why I thought I was somehow more qualified to pick one of these up at the supermarket than my husband I do not know, but that was shopping exercise number three. Fourth and final was the carry on luggage case with the side pocket. I have no idea what difference this side pocket will make to my life or how it will stop the plane from crashing but I bought it anyway.

I had been gone less than an hour and had spent nearly three hundred dollars. That is one hundred bucks every twenty minutes – I think I have had less extravagant Xmas shopping trips. Still, I had the whole day to organise my clothes and pack my bags and it would be all ready for Tuesday morning.

Except I did not do that, I fired up Netflix and the TV show Mad Men. I have been watching the occasional episode sporadically since July and got to the end of season one last week. I thought a couple more hours that I spent in the company of alcoholic womanizers in beautiful suits might take my mind off things.

I watched eight episodes.

I have just switched the TV off, because if I don’t, I will be watching it all night. I have managed to do three loads of laundry and walk the dogs and vacuum and wash the floors in between episodes but overall, things have pretty much ground to a halt.

The packing did not get done, but a least the pens and paper came in handy: I have made a list of what needs to go in the bag. Now I just have to keep sane enough tomorrow to follow it.

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