Time Lapse

Well by some miracle or the other we all made it across the country. My day started with a phone call to tell me that a regional flight I had organized for four people had been delayed three hours. I had originally booked them on the flight to Perth at 10.30am but it was due to land at 11.45am and I was worried that they would not make it across from one terminal to the other (two completely separate buildings 15 mins drive apart).  In the end I changed their flights and got them on the 6.30 am flight, which eventually left for Perth at 10 am.

Just as well though, the flight they would have been on was pushed back and they would have missed the plane in Perth. They only just made it as it was. At least it kept my mind off my own worries.

The flight itself was not too bad, Clear skies and the only turbulence was through some filthy grey cloud we hit as we approached Melbourne airport. I kept expecting to clear the grey fog and see the ground rushing up to meet us, but we touched down without a hitch in the wind and the rain.

On the way over, I watched the film Hunt for The Wilderpeople, which had been recommended to me by a number of people. It is an indie film from New Zealand, an offbeat comedy and was very good, but I have to say the plane was not the best environment to see it. I should have gone with my first instinct, Independence Day, which is the category that works best for me – loud Sci Fi. I did watch about an hour of it after the first film and apart form all the planes falling out of the sky, it did a good job of keeping my mind off the flight.

The coach transfer was pretty smooth and we were soon sitting down to the first of many buffet dinners at the hotel. From now until Monday it will be buffet breakfasts and buffet dinners. I am going to be absolutely sick of buffets by the end of it.

It is only 8.30 pm in Perth but it is three hours later in Melbourne, which means when the alarm goes at 6 am tomorrow, it is going to feel like 3 am. Fun times. Even though it is still technically early I am ready for bed, so a short post today and maybe something a little more detailed tomorrow.

I broke my diet for the first time in eight weeks today. I had an ice cream on the plane. It was lucious.

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