Long Day’s Journey Into Night 

I have actually seen the play whose title I nicked for the blog post today, and it is a long day – and a long play. Although we arrived in Melbourne yesterday we had almost no time to acclimatize to the time difference. I had set my alarm for 7.30 am, which was 4.30 am in Perth and my goal was just to reach the end of the day without losing it.

One of the things about staying in a hotel as part of a large party on a group package, is that every meal is a buffet meal. Not only that, but every buffet meal is a festival of carbs, the food group I have been trying to avoid. After only twenty four hours I can feel my body reacting to this and although I am trying not to panic, it feels depressing to suspect that two or three weeks hard work may be in danger.

I can still have eggs for breakfast – scrambled eggs, mountains of the stuff, kept warm in a large silver Bain Marie and utterly tasteless. This morning, I sprinkled a few baked beans over the top and then grabbed some melon. Because we are away during the day from food sources for long periods of time, the temptation is to stock up, and because it is a buffet, portion size can go out of the window.

Lunch was even worse, as it was a selection of sandwiches and salads – except the salads were potato or rice. I was almost literally ring-fenced by carbs. Dinner was no easier and I threw some pumpkin and chickpea mix on a plate before realising that soup was available, and then realising that it was pumpkin soup anyway, aka liquid carbs.

There is no point in me getting too stressed about it. If the worse comes to the worst, there is a supermarket next to the event we will be spending the next three days at and I can sort something out. I did buy a banana today as that is usually my luxury item, but I I have had so much unwanted food in the space of just 24 hours that it is still lying on my hotel fridge threatening to turn brown.

It is now 11.25 pm local time. Apparently Lucy and Archie sat waiting by the window for me to come back last night until midnight, despite my husband taking them into the garage and showing them my car as if to prove I was not out in it. Hopefully tonight they will decide that the master bedroom is a more comfortable place to wait for me and stay in there with him.

Short posts for the rest of this week – I am posting on the other blog and today especially has been a long one. Tomorrow will be even longer. I have just set my alarm for 5.15 am. Good times.

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