Time warp

Annoyingly, it still has not happened. Last night, I got into bed and lay my head on the pillow with a huge sense of relief. I had around five and a half hours before I would have to get up and start work again. I waited for sleep to engulf me, but clearly sleep was not feeling too fussed about this as half an hour later I was still lying on the dark listening to traffic outside the window and the unfamiliar sounds of doors slamming in corridors on my floor and the one above.

The air in the hotel is very dry and my lips are already chapped from the air con but fortunately I remembered to bring lip balm with me this trip. I had set my alarm for 5.30 am but my eyes popped open at 4.30 am and it was pretty much game over from then.

I heard a programme about sleep recently during which the sleep cycle was discussed. It basically takes around 90 mins to run, starting with dozing, then REM sleep then down onto deep sleep before fluttering up for a bit and repeating. The theory is that if you wake up early and you are less than ninety minutes away from your alarm clock then you are better off getting up than going back to sleep as to be woken mid-cycle during deep sleep leaves you feeling pretty rotten. I can attest to this as I when I get the odd bout of insomnia, it almost always ends with me dropping back off fifteen minutes before the alarm, which leaves me feeling physically sick when I am woken back up shortly after.

So it was at 4.30 am that I found myself playing with a web based tool to schedule a broadcast SMS message and then deciding to cut my losses and get up for a mug of tea. In almost no time, it was 6am and time to go downstairs for the six thirty bus – which was OK except that due to circumstances beyond everyone’s control, we ended up being delayed and did not get back to the hotel until after eight tonight. It is now midnight and the whole cycle begins again in five and a half hours’ time.

I have eaten scrambled eggs and in desperation and hunger – and clutching two food vouchers – two egg and lettuce sandwiches. I am already well over eggs and have eaten more bread today than in the past ten weeks total. Still, I video called my husband today and got to see him and the dogs, who had been on a very long walk with him during the afternoon.

Tomorrow I will find better food – vegetables and salad for dinner.



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