Almost There

This morning I had to check five people were ready to get on a bus. They are the same five people I have checked every morning, but today there was a problem.

‘I have lost my list,’ I explained to my colleague, by which I meant not a physical list on a piece of paper, but the list in the place in my head where I go to retrieve names.

This was the very start of the day. I had been up less than two hours but fatigue has set in big time. I am currently running on around four and a half to five hours sleep a night, and as I remarked to yet another colleague, I am too old for this sh*t. the good news is, it is the last insane start time. The bad news is, I still have one full day and a flight to get through before I am out of the woods.

Food is not helping. It is pretty much impossible to maintain a low carb existence at the moment as we are in three star accommodation and every meal is a buffet, which means potatoes, rice and carbs after two days of struggling, I gave up and ate a baguette thing for lunch the topped it off with stir fried rice for dinner. While I was at it, I had apple crumble – may as well be hung for a goat as for a sheep.

I am so tired I am typing with one finger. It is making writing this even slower, so I am going to give it a rest now and get some sleep.


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