I am outta here

It is the last day in Melbourne and I have seen nothing of it. I went for a walk and saw a couple of local dogs, but that was about it. Although we had given the group the day off, my job was to stay at the hotel in case I was needed and so I did not have the chance to ride a tram or see any of the famous shops.

One of the things I would have liked to have seen while over here was the musical Kinky Boots, but it arrives about a week after we leave. It is currently 1.25 am and I really should just go to bed – and I will in a second, but we had such a huge night with a massive result that I have only just finished writing about it.

Tomorrow we have one more breakfast, which for me now just brings forth an image of a huge pile of steaming powdered scrambled eggs. I am not 100 percent sure if it is made from powder, but I would not be surprised. One thing it does not have is taste. 

I have eaten so badly in the last few days and just want to get back to Perth and into the routine I had. I have really missed green vegetables and it is honestly the case that it just got too hard to eat stuff that was it just there, because the days have been so long. The idea of having to forage for food on top of that was horrendous.

My alarm is set for 7.30 am, which means just under six hours’ sleep but my suitcase is packed so I may change that to 8 am. I am missing my bed and my dogs and my husband and am looking forward to getting back home. He video called me last night and had the camera on reverse so I could watch the dogs playing as he chatted. 

Another short post tonight and probably tomorrow, too unless I get inspired on the plane. I suspect, though that I will not be inspired by tired and if the tranquilizer I plan to take kicks in, maybe even possibly asleep.


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