Touch Down

After an exhausting series of days and an exhilarating finish last night, it was time to head back to Perth from Melbourne.

Melbourne is known as the city where you can get four seasons in one day, so changeable is the weather. We have certainly experienced a full range. Yesterday was so windy that Melbourne airport was finally closed and we were not sure if that would end up having a knock-on effect with our flight, which was due to leave at lunchtime.

Fortunately, our flight seemed unaffected, which was good as we had a good few people on connecting flights. As we neared the airport in the wind and the rain I just hoped we were not going to bounce our way back to Perth. Matters were not helped when once again, our group check in had not been organized at the airport which left us only just able to make it to the gate without running.

In fact once at the gate, I then got called back as one of the lads had a drill with a battery in his check in luggage. They needed to speak to the passenger, but as every bag in the group was in the name of the first person alphabetically, that made it challenging. Finally we found the culprit, sorted it and I was back at the gate in time to board. My frayed nerves were even more shredded by now so I took the second half of a tranquilizer and gave silent thanks when the sun came out just before take off.

There were a few films I could have watched, including one I want to see, Midnight Special, but I decided to rent that when I had a chance of enjoying it better and stick with old familiars. I had watched the first half of Independence Day on the way over, so watched the end of that and then fired up The Blind Side. I have no idea why I like this movie quite so much but I end up watching it about twice a year. This time, I fell asleep during it – a deep, drug-induced sleep, which left only half an hour of travel left when I eventually came to.

My dogs were not at home when I arrived. My husband had beaten me back and taken them for a walk, knowing I would be tired, but I needed to stretch my legs and headed off to the park. I met them all down there and we walked back. Then I slept again – a deep sleep and one which I am confident I will fall into again the minute I close my iPad and get into bed.

It only starts to really hurt once you stop. I have no voice from all the screaming last night as WA scooped medal after medal, and the fatigue is now coming in from all sides. It was lovely, though, to get into a proper shower and my own bed  safe on terra firma once more.

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