Crash Bang Wallop

If I thought that I was going to ease back into work today, I was wrong. There is always pile of following up to do after an event – not because we have been letting emails stack up in our absence, but because one event pretty much leads on to another and in the case of this one, the planning starts pretty much straight away. 

There was also the small number of things I let slide before I left and the small matter of the course I am supposed to be on next week, the required reading for which I had planned to do on the plane – a plan doomed to failure, but still reassuringly optimistic. All in all, it led to a pretty bumpy re-entry back at work.

I had eaten breakfast: the first eggs I have eaten in a week that actually have actually tasted of anything. I suspect that the ones at the hotel were made with powdered eggs as scrambled was the only version we got. I did not have any food in the fridge, though left for work with nothing for lunch in my bag.

After the long and cold winter, spring seems to have set in while I have been away. I walked to a shop at lunchtime and had to take the jacket I was wearing off in the sunshine. I tried to get through as much work as possible, but frankly just felt like putting my head on the desk and sleeping, which is pretty much how I feel right now.

I feel more tired now than I did yesterday, so am once again going to cut myself short and make this even shorter. I upgraded my iPhone’s OS so it had the new groovy animated messages, but what I had failed to take into account was the new annoying features that it was also have. Sigh. At least I am a few phones away from no headphone jack. Bloody Apple.


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