Get shorter

Another short post tonight as I work longer and later to try and get back on top of the work. I thought I might just jot down a few notes but then ended up drafting out some stuff. My day today flew by in a matter of seconds – or so it felt – as I tried to simultaneously distribute photos and copy to multiple agencies. Instead of creating a database and working from that, I batted back queries as they came in on the fly, and so ended up repeating myself endlessly. This is what happens when you are tired – you work harder not smarter.

My number two had succumbed to the cold that had been doing the rounds in Melbourne and I suspect, given that she usually gets sick before a big event and has not done so this year, that she is going to crash like a Windows 98 computer and I won’t see her before she goes on leave next week. I envy her. My voice is squeaky and my throat is sore and I feel like I could sleep for a week, but because I am off next week myself on a course, I only have a couple of days to get stuff done.

On top of this I was helping a few of our success stories by proofreading their applications, which would be fine if any of them knew how to use punctuation. I guess the uptake in social media means that people are used to writing in short sentences, but the punctuation is the pause between messages so they do not have to think about it. I read one paragraph of text that was very enthusiastic – and had a clear voice – but which left me completely breathless as I read it, because the entire half page paragraph was one sentence.

Lucy is still behaving really oddly towards me. She was trembly and stressed-looking before I left and she is avoiding me now that I am back and shaking a bit. She is sticking like glue to my husband and off her food. I am worried that she may be in pain and I am interpreting her behaviour as emotional but she was fine up until I arrived back and fine every time I video called my husband. There is no change in Archie. The moon could land on the house and he would barely register a change, such is his approach to life.

Lucky dog. I envy Archie right now.


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