Out of time … Again

I am on a course next week. Monday morning, bright and early I had resolved to skip into class like Sandra Dee in my bobby socks, clutching my files and ready to go. I had the course handbook printed off and saved to my iPad, and I had even put it in a folder.

All I had to do was read the book and do a couple of preparatory exercises and I would be ready to go.

I tried, I really tried. I woke up this morning while my husband did something really unusual and took the dogs out for a long walk, I started the reading, while only to stop briefly and wonder if the man who had taken my dogs out was an alien who had replaced the man I married while I had been away. When we had out other dog, Moody, he used to take him out every Sunday for a walk, but that all stopped when Moody left us and for three years it has just been me doing the morning walk.

My suspicions were further aroused when he came home and put a load of laundry on – and then HUNG IT UP.

It was getting very difficult to maintain concentration.

I read a chapter, which did not bring me to any of the exercises, and then made the fatal mistake of getting up for another cup of tea. I put the file down and went to the kitchen.

That was eight hours ago.

The thing is, we have not been shopping for a few weeks and so we headed out to replenish the larder and the fridge but because we have not been out for a while, we decided first to have a mooch about the shops, which are bursting with summer stock and Xmas stock.

My husband loves to shop and while I am not such a fan, I do love Xmas. This was a bad combination. The result was a singing reindeer head, Xmas bandanas for the dogs, some toys for the dogs and a dancing Santa. I had only gone in for a case for my iPhone.

Once we had wasted a load of money on festive tat, because I was convinced the stock would be gone in a matter of days, we moved on to food. During the week, he had bought himself a rack of lamb, which meant I needed to get veggies in to roast as well as normal stuff for the week ahead.

So by the time I got back, it was half four and by the time I had googled how to slow roast rack of lamb, it was pretty much time to put it in the oven and then walk the dogs followed by preparing the vegetables and then eating the dinner.

Boom! Sunday had disappeared.

It is now 9.30 pm and although I have optimistically fetched the file and a pencil, I am already feeling the roast potatoes, which I should not have eaten anyway, working their starchy magic as I yawn through the final sentences of today’s post. I have a lot of writing to do again next week so have zero chance of getting anything creative done, but I guess the course could be interesting. One of the women at work who had already done it, shook her head and said she would be interested to see see how I got on.

‘Some of those people, mate,’ she said, ‘are nakedly ambitious.’

I was surprised at such an inflammatory description coming from such a normally level headed person – I mean, she used to be an ICU nurse.

I am a fast reader, so am hoping the one module I have done will get me through Monday – we only had to read four of the six provided – and I will be able to catch up tomorrow when my husband is back at work. The weird thing is though, he has now started watching Mad Men with me and said he would be home early tomorrow so we could watch a couple more episodes.

Did anyone hear of any UFOs seen over Western Australia last week?


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