Of course

Well a couple of things happened today that surprised me.

I managed to leave the house on time.
I managed to negotiate a tricky journey in peak hour traffic without arriving late.
I managed to arrive in time to get one of three parking permits available for the week.

And of course, some things happened that didn’t –

I managed to be the only one in the room who had not competed the required reading (although having said that we did not need to have done the required reading for today, I was right about that).

I managed to get two emails that in one of the three weeks I am not physically present  at the office, that needed to be dealt with immediately.

So not a bad result, really.

This is a course that I want to do properly. Every time I do one of these, I end up squeezing all the work in at the last minute  and so do not get the benefit really, just the grade. But this course is run by a university and it had been made quite clear from today, that trying to fake your way through this is not going to be a good idea. They want to see research and reading – and not just the recommended reading of the given texts.

I have almost finished the reading I should have done by yesterday, I have also finished the two tasks that I should have had in my bag this morning. The time it has taken me to do these meant that I have had no time to do the work I wanted to do this evening for the activity we are doing tomorrow for which we will be given only half an hour. It is the knock-on effect of playing catch up all the time. When will I learn?

The dogs were walked when I got home, which bought me an hour or so before the hard stares kicked in from Lucy. It was a lovely evening, though so I did not mind putting my file to oneside and taking her and Archie to the park. When I got back, though my attention was further diverted by Monday night’s demands of bin collection and a floor that has not been vacuumed since just before I went to Melbourne.

Anyway enough of this. Tomorrow is a new day and there will be a lot more happening. I will aim for an early finish tonight to get an early start on things tomorrow.

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