Tick Tock 

The clock is definitely ticking now and I was determined to get most of a first draft down on paper today. My husband was on a day off from work so was able to look after the dogs for their afternoon walk and there was no reason that I should not get a straight run at the paper I am trying to write.

Except of course for the work that I was doing at the same time.

I got into work early and I stayed late. At one point I dashed a number of lines off and in a matter of minutes doubled the word count that had been sitting at around 200 to 400, which basically meant that I finished the introduction and most of the conclusion. Now I just have to get the middle bit committed to paper.

The worst thing at the moment (or maybe the best?) is that I am not avoiding the task because I do not know what I want to write. I have a clear line of argument in my head and I am pretty sure that If I sat down and made some notes, it would not take me long to map out the content that I intend to put into some of the paragraphs in between. Well, maybe a little longer than that as I have done some reading some time ago and this now means I have forgotten the bits I wanted to include to support my argument. The danger with this is that I will end up writing the entire thing based on my own ideas and them digging around for some quotes to support my thesis, which is not the way it is supposed to work and offers the very really possibility of a fail.

I am genuinely not sure where the time went, other than the fact that my colleague who was due back from leave on Tuesday managed to pick up a throat infection on the plane and has not yet come back. This means that a semi-urgent task that I had ready for her to do, is still not done and so I had to try and get that organised. It is a grim job – the sort of thing she loves to do and the sort of thing I can not abide – with multiple variations on a single theme and some typing and layout checking.

I thought at least after my other team member left at 3.30 pm, I would have a couple of clear hours to get on with things in a relatively quiet office, but to my horror, I found myself looking at the clock, finding it was nearly 6pm and that I had achieved nothing but more of the grim work that I didn’t want to be doing anyway.

My aim is to try and avoid spending all weekend in the office doing the work and as every day successively slips through my fingers, that goal gets further and further away. I am even contemplating staring my PC up to see how much luck I have cranking up Word 1965 or whatever it is running to force myself into another room and back to the task in hand.

Tomorrow I have training in the morning again and then, nothing: no meetings, no appointments no papers due until the assignment itself is due on Sunday.

Perhaps my goal this evening will be to do no more reading, but to actually get the body paragraph topic sentences and referencing done, then it will just be a matter of filling in the blanks.


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