Dublin Rocks

Last week I was left without a 99c movie to watch to turned to a new DVD release that I had heard good things about when it was released some time ago.

Sing Street is set in Dublin and is the third film in what might be described as a loose trilogy by film maker John Carney. The plots are not at all linked, the films are entirely different in tone, but they all feature a story that is bound up in the main character’s relationship with music and follows the story of his relationships with at lest one woman and he music that he is making. They are all rooted in reality but with a strong sense of fable and imagination.

Sing Street is no exception and tells the story of a teenager, Connor who lives with his sister, unhappy parents and dropout older brother in 1980s Dublin. His life is made even more difficult when he has to change schools, until he sees a girl and asks if she will be in the pop video his band are making. After she says yes, it is just a matter of a crash course in music, getting a band together and organising a shoot to get his girl.

With his brother providing the music education and the burgeoning pop video industry keeping the engine running, the film has pace, humour and heart as Connor undertakes a music education and finds his voice. I was a teenager in the 80s so  enjoyed the trip down memory lane with the music of my youth.

This is a charming film and it would be wrong to compare it to The Commitments despite one speech that sounds almost like a pastiche from that film. It takes you by the hand and asked you to take a leap of faith as the boys learn their craft on the streets of Dublin and a friendship blossoms between the main characters.

I really enjoyed this movie, not least because the older brother has the most implausibly cool bedroom which reminded me of the sort of place I would have hung around in if I had had the chance. At just over an hour and a half it does not outstay its welcome and like all of Carney’s movies, has great original music too. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a drama with plenty of laughs and a bit of a nostalgia trip thrown in for good measure.


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