Extra Day 

For someone that is nearly always running late, having time on my hands is a confusing thing.

This weekend in my head, was pretty much entirely given over to finishing my assignment and getting it in. Then I caught myself by surprise by getting it in on Friday, leaving a whole two days to wonder what I would have planned to do if I had known I was going to have the time.

Saturday was pretty much spent worrying that I needed to rewrite the essay because I had overlooked a couple of points while putting my assignment together, and then deciding not to. I watched two very good films and spent quality time with the dogs.

Sunday started out well, I bought my first ever eBook, which I think is shorter than an normal book. It is difficult to tell because the page numbering is weird. What look like page numbers are called ‘loc’ s (maybe short for locations?? which may or may not work like DVD chapters, I do not know yet. What I do know is that I have read just over one chapter and I am on number 298, so it makes having to reach 790 to get to the end seems very achievable right now. I may even finish it tonight as I don’t really want to watch another film and I am not ready for bed yet.

In the end, the first thing I found myself doing was editing the essay this morning and then emailing it to myself so I could transfer it from my iPad to my computer (there being no way to upload it from my iPad that I could see). My PC is still running Windows XP and whatever version of Word that came with in the day and so it opened the word doc as best it could, but not without many warnings about the version being so new it was just going to try its best, OK? That I felt uneasy about trusting what would end up on the marker’s virtual desk.

As my husband asked for a lift into work, and his work is halfway towards. My office, I ended up going in to work, making the edits and putting the damn assignment in again. I just could not let it lie. Thanks goodness that is over now – until next week when I start reading for the next one which thank goodness is twice as long, but unfortunately on a subject in which I have no interest.

I am thinking of buying a cheapy notebook for just Internet and word processing while I do this course. My course fees allow me to download Office from the uni website, which is nice, and so as long as it can pick up wifi and had a USB port for I can move my reading material around from my work PC to it, we will be good to go.

I had so much time on my hands today that I made coleslaw and added radish. Coleslaw is good because it fills you up, but makes a mess of the food processor and takes a decade to digest. No wonder the Germans are so stern looking, probably all that sauerkraut.

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