I think tomorrow will have to be tomato time.

It is a comforting thought to know that there is a tried and tested technique out there which will get you through a load of work. Having just finished a task that seemed to require a superhuman effort to complete, I would really quite have liked to come back to work and just cruised into December. But other people have other ideas.

I was one of those people. I signed up for a course and although I have one assignment done, I have allowed the one day I gave myself to forget about assignment 2, to somehow morph  and creep into three days. I have flirted around some reading but not really committed myself to a plan – and I need to, because I just know that the days until the assignment is due are going to evaporate.

A woman with whom I had a conversation ages ago has suddenly risen up from the Internet to remind me that I was going to give a presentation for her, which she has now revealed is next Saturday so there is that to prepare, and I now have a spot on a website, which means I have to generate a load of content for it but also have to design how I want that content to appear.

There are also a couple of other admin tasks that I have to complete so I can leave the office in mid December without having to cast a look back over my shoulder till I reappear in mid-January to gear up again – although having said that, I have not checked the course timetable for the next workshop dates.

I moan like a drain when I am bored, but to be honest none of the jobs on my list fills me with a feeling of excitement, so tomorrow I have decided to go tomato.

The Pomodoro technique I think got its name because the person who developed it used a kitchen timer that was designed to look like a giant tomato. The top half twists anti clockwise and then ticks it way back, marking off the minutes as it goes. The theory is that we work better in short productive bursts and that to sit staring at a screen for hours is the worst way to get a load of stuff one. With the tomato technique, work is timed in 25 minute bursts and then you get a little rest for five minutes before starting the next 25 minutes again.

I guess tomatoes must be better then chocolate, or staring in to the missle distance trying not to scream. I will give it a go tomorrow.


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