Tough Job

Yesterday’s post was a short piece of fiction. It did not really turn out exactly how I had imagined but I am glad I had a go anyway. It had been a busy day. I had worked in the morning, then mindful of the expected top temperature of 37 I had decided that this was the week I needed to go and see Dr Stange, which by happy coincidence involved sitting in an air conditioned cinema for two hours.

It was really too late to start writing fiction by the time I flipped open my iPad but I had been sort of gifted a title in the morning (or rather I had nicked from from another blogger, the comedian Robin Ince who had used the sentence in his blog the previous day). He had been talking about trying to see illustrations by the artist Blake on the subject of Job in a gallery in Watford. They were nowhere to be found when he went. ‘Maybe the Angels Never Sat in the Trees at Garston Park’ was his comment and from there it became an idea for a short story.

I didn’t have to write it yesterday, of course, but if I hadn’t then it would have remained as an empty post in draft forever, plus I had tried to do some research around it and found out a number of things.

I found out about the story of Job and also read some stuff about his wife. I looked up Garston park and found out it is home to a number of species of wildlife, including the pipistrelle bat. I also did some research on Angels and was reminded that they are messengers.

Then, despite the fact that I had no real idea in place, I started to write.

It is not the best thing I have ever written but I there was one bit that I liked and I may be able to use it somewhere else one day. In the end I did not have much choice about whether I wrote one thing or not because ideas were scratching away at the back of my head all day. I had one idea that was very clear but that took some working and another that just appeared out of nowhere – it is odd how these things happen.

It took a while but I am glad that I did it. Although I will probably be sorry that I did not spend the time doing reading for my assignment instead.

Ah well, the weekend is over, I have another piece of fiction in the bag and I have Mr Ince to thank for that. Next stop, Star Trek.

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