Not that Intelligent

Central Intelligence was not a 99 c movie and it is not one I would have normally watched, but I had heard a review of it and the review did not stink so I decided that a film which was basically an odd-couple comedy thriller might be OK for a Saturday night.

The two mismatched leads are Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Kevin Hart. The Rock playes Bob Stone, who as an overweight teenager from high school was helped out by Calvin Joyner (high school athlete and golden boy) while being bullied. Now grown men and with a school reunion about to take place, Bob reconnects with Calvin.

Bob sure has got fit in the interim, and significantly taller, while Calvin is now an unfulfiled accountant and guess what? Bob is now working for the CIA and needs Calvin’s super accountancy skills to track down a master criminal. Presumably because there is only one accountant in a country of 320 milion people and the CIA are out of ideas and resources.

You are not going to have to be a top-level operative to work out how this plot is going to go down, especially when more of the CIA turn up in hot pursuit of Bob because he is believed to be a double agent. What will Calvin do? How can he figure out who to trust? And will the two unlikely partners somehow manage to thwart a whole heap of people from both sides of the law all of whom are carrying significant fire power? Well you will just have to watch the movie to find out. Or guess, because you will be right.

I suppose you do not watch a movie like this for the twists or the subtle character development and that is good, because it lacks both. What is does have though, is good chemistry between the leads who are both prepared to go the extra mile to make the film fun to watch. It has at least one set piece (actually one of the smaller ones) which made me laugh out loud – and which will also be enormous help to anyone wanting to know how not to steal a plane and a really disturbing finale which made my toes curl (deliberatey I hope).

It won’t be on my must-have DVD list for Xmas but it was fun to watch, had a running time which meant it didn’t outstay its welcome and pretty much did what is said on the tin. I just hope that they don’t think they are now ‘on to somethng’ and plan a slew of sequals, because if they are going to want to get anywhere near the likes of 21 Jump Street, they are going to need a better script.


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