Movie queue

It has been a busy few weeks and so I have not had time to endure myself quite as much as I normally do with TV and film. I have hardly watched any TV at all – even Pointless (which is not even current on ABC over here – it is four years old) has finished. That is probably just as well because given the casualty rate among celebrities in 2016, it was making me sad watching a program from a time when they were all alive.

I love Pointless and this last few weeks it has thrown my time management out. I get home, walk the dogs, watch Pointless and then do my blog. By the time I have done this, I just about have time to get into the shower so my hair has enough time to dry before bed.

I have a number of 99c movies that I need to watch soon. They have been stacking up as I have forbidden myself the indulgence, but my assignment is in – submitted three days early and now I can make my way through them.

The one I will watch tomorrow is The Danish Girl. To be honest, I do not feel that excited about it, but I am prepared to be surprised. Next up is Room, which I am looking forward to having heard interviews with Lenny Abrahamson and reviews that assured me that the movie has more hope than horror – I do hope so, I am almost completely avoiding Twitter because the news is too excitable and largely depressing.

Also in my queue are Girlhood, a French film that I am keen to watch and this week’s rental, A Bigger Splash. I am not sure about this last one, but frankly I could watch Tilda Swinton read a book and Ralph Fiennes looks on frenetic from. Plus it has that smoldering sexy guy from Rust and Bone in it.

So a bit of watching to get through this weekend and the weekend after. None of them will come close to Arrival, which I hoping will still be in cinemas when one of my brothers arrives in just over a week so I can go and see it again with him. It was a great film, and I have been listening to its strange soundtrack all week as I have worked. What a great film, I am only sorry it was released so close to Xmas because it means I can not put the DVD on my list for Santa.

One other recommendation I have this week is another podcast I have added to my regular subscriptions. It is Soundtracking by Edith Bowman. Great interviews with passionate directors about their soundtrack catalogues.

This has been an awful post, but I have been distracted because I am watching a lovely documentary show about Aardman Animations. It is on Netflix, so I will throw that in as a recommendation to, while I am at it. Goodnight



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