Sleep that unknots 

I went to bed early last night, swearing that it was going to be the last time I took my essay with me to proofread. I made a couple of notes, tweaked the ending and put the light out. I have been sleeping badly as my mind churns over ideas and listening to the news has become impossible.

I am not a huge fan of the news anyway, but given the only radio station I listen to has much more political reporting that anything else, it has been even more difficult to listen to than usual. Every story starts me thinking about another line of argument I can fold into the essay, which is suffering from scope creep as it is. I have got to the point where if I never think about it again, it will be too soon.

I fell asleep pretty much instantly, but if I thought I was going to get a full eight hours, I was being naive. At 4am my eyes snapped open and the whirring started in my head. I don’t even know what there was left to whir, frankly, but my head seemed to think another spin round the hypothetical block was a good idea.

I almost fell back asleep once, but excitement over how I could integrate a plan for overhaul of funding systems intercepted my downward drift. By now it was 5.30 am and I decided to get up.

Very slowly I turned my head to look at Lucy. She was lying close to me and her eyes were fixed upon my movements. Just in time, I saw her white tail lift up, and was able to catch it in my hand on its downward path to thumping on the bed beside my husband’s head. Slowly I unclipped her collar so that when she got up and shook herself, her tags would not clatter. Then I did the same with Archie’s collar before he cottoned on to what was happening.

I thought that I could have a mug of tea by myself in the mild morning sun before taking the dogs out, but my husband has a sort of superpower that ensures he will appear out of bed about 30 seconds after I shut the door that divides our living room from the corridor to the bedroom. Either that or he is just damned competitive and does not like the idea of me getting up at a ludicrous time without him. Yeah, probably just that. The bottom line was that I ended up having about 30 seconds to myself which was just about enough time to put the kettle on.

I ended up leaving for work very early. Normally on the way, I am required to slow down to 40km /h four of five times as I pass though designated school zones, but this speed restriction is only in effect from 7.30 am. I felt like a getaway driver, flying through these sections and untroubled by the sound of children’s lunch boxes bouncing off the side of my car, because there were no children about. They were all still in bed, which is where I should have been.

I got in to my car for the return journey from work at 6.30pm. I am exhausted and I am sure I have submitted an essay with typos but frankly I do not care. I want it out of my life and into my tutor’s. I can now start to wind up business at work and start planning the wind up to family and Christmas but before that, tonight, I will sleep.


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