Hose down

The summer has been slow to arrive for a change. It was a long, cold winter and the longest autumn I can remember. Even this week has not been especially hot, except towards the end of the week.

Friday I had to pop up at lunchtime to get a curtain rod for my mother which will hopefully draw a veil – literally – over a stand off about curtains that has been going for three years. It was getting very hot as I pulled up outside a major home and hardware warehouse and I was tempted to look at shade cloth and outdoor settings, but with the clock ticking I made my way to the back of the store, grabbed the rod that I had researched online and got out of there.

I was at my parents’ house early that evening so I could lend a hand with Xmas decorations and the weather had responded in kind by pumping up the temperature to make the job of assembling the tree, untangling and then retangling strings of Xmas lights and then hanging about 4000 glass balls on its old twigs even hotter than it normally is.

The tree is now a decade old and while it used to be white, the colour has become tinged with age as if it has been spending the eleven months in between gigs smoking twenty a day. As the lights hit its faintly brown tinsel, it gave it an almost rose-gold colour so, as is often the way with fashion, its age has elevated it to bang on trend.

This morning I was up early, before the heat and took the dogs for a walk. There were a couple of early risers with their dogs too. I said hello and we chatted for a while – even so I was back home well before seven. With the jump I had on the day, I should have been able to get a whole load of things done, but the heat kicked in and slowed me down. After I hung the clothes out on the line, I turned on the garden hose and sat in the yard. Lucy went ballistic, chasing the jet of water as I directed it at various plants. Archie watched suspiciously from inside the house. He wanted to join in, but he did not want to get wet. Lucy jumped and yelped and got happily soaking wet.

Finally, it was too much for Archie to bear and he burst out through the fly door and into the yard. He tried to catch the water in his mouth but Lucy was faster and not concerned with trying to keep herself dry and was intercepting the stream coming from the hose before he could get really near.

He still did manage to get wet, though, which was good because it helped to cool him down but bad because he immediately ran back inside the house and rolled all over the furniture. I keep forgetting that dogs do that, still I have only had dogs for 12 years now, so it’s not surprising.

A hot day, with a brief cooling off. I went shopping later and the sun was doing that Australian thing of bouncing off the pavement and up into your body and face. When I got back into the car, the steering wheel was too hot to hold. Christmas maybe coming, but it looks as though finally, summer has arrived and it just gets hotter from here.

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