Hospital Corners 

One more brother to arrive before the holidays kick off in full and a couple more hurdles to cross before we can all relax.

Today was my last full day at work and the day my dad was scheduled for day surgery. The last few times he has gone in, I have gone down with my parents to help, but as brother number one was already here, I left it in his capable hands.

It did not go without incident. My mother, her head full of plans to clean out more of the house while my father was away overnight, mislaid her keys – either by leaving them in the house or by giving them to my father who then promptly pocketed them so she  ended up leaving them in the hospital with him. As she left her mobile phone at home I missed out on this drama until I called later in the afternoon to check all was OK.

In the end I popped though on my way home to help with bed making and drawer emptying. Like my mother, I like to buy kitchen equipment, but unlike her I stop when I run out of room in my kitchen, generally. She has baking trays and springform tins stashed all over the house in special overflow areas, like the downstairs bedroom.

We got most of the clearing out done and relocated stuff upstairs into the other bedroom, though how on earth my father will manage going up and down the flight of stairs I am not sure. I suppose if it all gets too much we can reverse the process, and there will be more hands on deck to assist. Wherever everyone ends up sleeping, at least two people will be sharing their bedroom with a variety of cake tins, including a tray for Madeleines.

While we were shifting stuff and cleaning table tops and hoovering carpet, my mother’s phone beeped to announce by text that my father had been moved onto a ward. So clearly the op had gone ok and the next challenge will be getting him discharged and home. I wrote about this in a very early post, 600mls, and a year later we will still have the same issue. Hopefully my dad will be OK to come home tomorrow, or at the the latest, Wednesday  I may even end up picking up the latest arrivals from the airport, dropping brother number two home and then going to get my father. Maybe I should change my name to Uber.

Even though I was on my own today at work, the day seemed to go quickly. I have a couple more things to finish off and then can switch my out of office email service on, set my voice mail up on my phone and then head out to begin the holiday. I can not wait.


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