Wait Awhile

For those that don’t know, the capital of Western Australia is Perth and the nearest capital city is not even in the same country. Given its status as one of the most isolated places on the planet, I suppose it is not that surprising that one of the nicknames for the state is, ‘Wait Awhile.’

It is sometimes a pain in the arse living in Perth, or the 1950s as it might be known. Stuff that is routinely easy to source in the eastern states can be difficult to find in the West, like shops that are open on Sunday. Today I ran up against an example of this as I tried to sort out Xmas presents in a small window of time that I had. This is first world problem stuff, I know, but not the problems of the first world inhabitants of the other capital cities in Australia, with the possible exception of Darwin. And Hobart.

I was trying to buy an iPad Air – actually two iPads because I thought I would be nice and get one for my husband, who is currently using a gen 2 unit. I went into a big electronics and computer store, probably the main one in Perth to pick them up today. Now I know we are in the second week of December, but when I went in there a week ago, there did not seem to be any pressure on stock. Perhaps I had been talking to a particularly laid back person who just did not feel the need to let me know about the urgency of the situation, or I was being obtuse, but today when I went back there was, ‘none left in stock – IN THE STATE.’ Like South Australia the other month, which ran completely out of electricity, WA has run out of iPads. Not the rubbish ones, they have plenty of them, but the useful ones that can work with WiFi and data and don’t cost a whole bunch of extra dollars for nearly 100Gbs more of storage, because Apple have deleted the mid-range size from their product lines to sell us iCloud storage.

While I was cursing Apple and Perth loudly in the carpark, my iPhone attracted my attention with a message from Perth Airport’s app to say my brother’s flight, which had been delayed leaving Sydney by half an hour, had made up lost time and was due in very very soon. Captain Leadfoot had apparently managed to dodge the sky cameras and was coming in at speed.

I jumped into the car and headed for home to clear my car out and make room for what I imagined would be a ton of baby paraphernalia. I had about five minutes to turn this around, but was pretty confident of making it, especially as I live a short drive, only minutes from the airport. My phone buzzed again. Perth Airport had changed its mind and the flight was not ahead of time anymore and was coming in late again.

So I ended up at the airport, a little early but happy for once to wait a while as I watched the passengers come through the doors and my brother appear, tiny baby in his arms as he and his partner arrived for Xmas.



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