The Good, The Bad and the Admin

Today it almost felt like being on holiday. My husband went to work as normal, but after a brief attempt to get me up by barking in my face, Archie gave a heavy sigh and settled down again to wait, and to sleep while he did so. I had all day to lie-in if I wanted, but it always takes a while for holiday sloth to really kick in and before I knew it I was reaching for my tablet and looking online to see if the Apple Store had any iPads in stock.

Despite the pessimism expressed by the large store I visited yesterday about the likelihood of getting an iPad before Xmas, the Apple Store seemed perfectly confident and I was able to spend around $1600 while lying in bed before my first cup of tea. I had chosen to pick up the units in store and they said they needed a little time to process the order, so felt I had time to get the dogs out and back – it was still quite early, but too late to go to the small park where they have an archery club every Thursday morning. They are all lovely and enthusiastic seniors, but in truth, the wider the berth you are able to give the area on a Thursday, the better chance you have of not being skewered.

It was already hot, not just because of the sun but because it was very humid. I had taken the precaution of tying a damp bandana around Archie’s neck, but when he starts to get hot, he becomes very difficult to move. We made it down the dodgy road – no kids playing on burnt out vehicles today, but one four wheel drive with its face smashed in and a wheel that had seen better days. We walked past it as dogs of indeterminate breed barked at us from the other side of fences.

Archie made it down to the park and appeared to be doing very well until he found the damp sand. Once he had laid down in this, repeatedly digging a new trough to expose cooler, wetter sand beneath, it became harder work to keep him moving.  He stopped for a long drink and I thought about covering him with water, then decided not it. I had the last ten minutes of the walk to regret this decision as I carried him in my arms back home so he did not get too stressed out.

While I was out, I received two emails to say my goods were ready to pick up and I could click a link to put them in my ‘wallet’. What this actually achieved was beyond me, but I did it anyway. After making sure the dogs were OK and had plenty of cool water, I headed off down the road to the train to pick up my stuff.

This is what is great about shopping online. I arrived in the store, presented my wallet, was directed to a table and was able to pick up my stuff immediately. The receipts were emailed to me as I stood there. I like this system.

I also had a pair of headphones that had stopped working so asked if I could ask someone about them while I was there. I was directed to another queue and a lady took my details and advised I would get an appointment time with a technician sent by text to my phone. I did not like this system. I did not have time to hang around so decided to do it another day, but as I was leaving, I got an SMS to say that a technician was ready to see me and I should make myself known to a specialist. Huh? They were all about 12 and wearing red T shirts. Still, I found one of them and asked and was directly back to the same queue to talk to the same lady about getting up to the ‘Genius Bar.’ We had gone from specialist to genius within the space of a minute.

While I was waiting, a pleasant young man, aged about eight, asked if he could help me. As it happens he could because I had my new phone with me and the duff headphones, so he was able to check it was still in warranty and replace the headphones immediately. I liked that system.

I walked home with $2000.00 casually swinging from my wrist. By the time I arrived, I was soaking and ready for a shower. I needed one anyway as I had one final job to do for work, even though I was technically on leave. Still, it was a couple of hours for some people who do a lot of work to help me, so I did not mind.

My work here for today is done, my main Xmas presents are purchased and although the weather is hot, I feel pretty cool and collected. Of course it will all fall in a heap in the next day or so, but for now the system is ticketyboo and I like it.


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