I was catching up with a friend in had not seen in a while today. She currently lives and works abroad and before that had lived over east. Still, she does know her way around WA, but that did not stop her from leaving the choice of lunch venue to me.

I am truly rubbish at choosing food venues, probably because I am vegetarian and so used to going to eat out with people on a specific meat quest that I have never put much thought into it. The exception was when I was living in Brighton where there was an amazing vegetarian restaurant, called Terre a Terre. If I ever get back to Brighton, then I will definitely go there for a  meal.

She arrived in WA last week with a stomach bug which had left her unable to do much for a few days, so I thought Greek food might be the go. Actually, I thought that because I like Greek food and I had just seen a cooking program about Greek food, and there is a bit of choice for a vegetarian usually in Greek food, but it is also easy on the stomach. So all in all, the food would be good for her stomach but also good for my greed and to see if they had a particular dessert I was interested in trying before I cook it.

The restaurant I chose is one that I go to with my husband. It is in Subiaco and is called George’s Meze. I do not know who George is because it has been run by the same people for yonks and neither of them looks remotely Georgish. There is seating outside and inside and I booked online to make sure we got a table, because although it was lunch, Christmas parties are still going on. Indeed, as we rocked up, there were two long tables set up with tinsel ready to welcome some corporate types.

We looked at the menu and basically decided on a pile of carbs and cheese, with veggies shared in a variety of formats. Fried cheese, (saganaki), haloumi (cheese) and eggplant, potatoes, feta (cheese) and hummus and beetroot dips with bread. Plus garlic bread. I think we may have overdone the bread, because there was a lot of it. I am glad I held off on ordering the Cheekpea salad. I did not want it, but it looked so cute spelled that way I was tempted. But we did have spanakopita, which is filo pastry with spinach and – you guessed it- CHEESE.

I would like to think that this will free me from the burden of choosing the venue next time but I doubt it. We got through most of the cheese, it was the bread that got neglected.

We sat and ate in the sunshine as the xmas party wine drinkers began to enjoy their lunches. There was no plate smashing, but a good few wine glasses being dropped, with cheers that went up every time it happened.

We sat and chatted with a bottle of water after the plates were cleared and then made our way down the road. As we walked we went past a gelato shop and decided to complete the Euro tour with a stop in Italy. The lady behind the counter was not from Italy. She handed us the cones and said, ‘wai wai.’

‘I beg your pardon?’ I asked.

‘Wai wai’ she repeated.

‘Five dollars,’ translated my friend, but God knows how. But as I had done menu and venue it seemed only fair she did international relations.

Greek Meze followed by Italian Gelato for lunch. You could do worse, I suppose. I did not get to try my Greek desert, but that can wait for another day. The weather was fine, the company excellent and I can think of worse ways to spend a few hours.

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