Nine months

My brother had a birthday today. He and I are separated by two years and nine months, almost to the day, which of course begs the question about what my parents were up to on my second birthday.

Having a birthday so close to Christmas is of course pretty tough, but he has managed to negotiate the balance well over the years. He has managed a number of times to collapse the value of the Xmas and birthday presents together and to wrangle some pretty spectacular presents as a result. 

We normally go to a local restaurant for lunch – and we did this again this year. My tiny nephew, dressed in jeans as a shirt looked cool, my brother – the birthday boy -looked smart, my father was in bed in his PJs.

As brother number two mixed some cocktails, my father was enticed out of bed and into the bathroom for a shower and the was discovered back in bed and re-enticed out. 

Finally everyone made it up to the venue and we had a lovely meal.

Then I got an update of the bad news from Xmas day, which was worse news.

Short post tonight, love to all xxx

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