River Side

My brother is not a man whose life depends on his ability to make decisions, and that is just as well.

I messaged him to ask what he wanted to do today. He responded that he did not mind.

I suggested a number of things we might do – a smorgasbord of delights – but most of which revolved around food or shopping.

He decided to go to the gym and consider the options. In his words, there was, ‘much to ponder.’

Finally, we decided upon meeting in the city. He wanted to buy a surf top and I thought I would not mind checking the sales to see if I could get hold of a new handbag or purse, or both. My current handbag is about to fail, I can see the straps are about to break and that is because I put about 10kg of stuff in my bag.

We decided after a visit to a few shops that we would head towards Elizabeth Quay, the new – ish area that the state government commissioned for development in Perth. It was a little controversial, because of its name – referring to the Queen of England, which upset republicans, because its development put existing businesses in the area under pressure as they lost traffic in the dustbowl, and because the amazing water park, which was part of its design was found to have contaminated water when it was launched.

So we sauntered down to have a look at basically an enormous slab of concrete and some water and a whole load of ‘pop up’ stuff – yogurt sellers and expensive bars, and to walk across a bridge across a quay.

The bridge was fun.

There was also a weird oval structure – like a series of repeating oval shapes to form a monument. All I could think of was the avocado slicer I had held in my hand only days earlier.

It was nice to be able to grab a cider and sit looking at the water. It would have been nicer if I had not handed over the equivalent of the deposit on a house for the privilege. There was also a weird area of basketball courts, so it felt not unlike being on the film set of something about the unlikely discovery of talented youth in an urban setting.

The development is not yet finished and once it is bedded down and he surrounding buildings are complete, it will add to the city, but for now it is a work in progress.

We went for another pint and then headed for home, my brother to my parents’ place for curry and me back home to walk the dogs.

We may not have achieved a great deal, but the company was excellent and we also managed to explore another version of bimbimbap – but that is another blog for another day.


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